WATCH: Steven Adams Hysterically Explains Being Confused in Return to OKC, Shouts Out ‘Fans’ in Attendance

by Will Shepard

Steven Adams was traded to the New Orleans Pelicans by the Oklahoma City Thunder this past offseason. Afterward, he signed a big extension to stay with the Pelicans for the next four years.

However, on his return to OKC, Adams still wasn’t quite confident about which team he plays for. He explains in the interview during the post-game that it took a second to remember what team he was playing for.

Not only was he exceptional in his time at OKC, but he was also a fan favorite during his time there. Adams’ nickname quickly became “The Big Kiwi.” Undoubtedly a fitting nickname for the lovable big man.

Steven Adams Hilariously Talks About His Return to OKC

After the game, Adams talks about what it means to return to the city where he was drafted. Even though there weren’t fans in the arena to welcome him back, Adams certainly still enjoyed his return.

“Looking at all the fans who showed up to… no, [I’m joking]. It was good. It was actually, well it kinda messed me up a little bit when I tipped the ball, ‘cuz I’m so used to seeing the, uh, OKC colors.”

Starting with a joke about how amazing it was to return to all the fans is an awesome way to start the interview. But, then Adams immediately says that it took him a second to re-adjust to not playing for the Thunder. For anyone who has ever played on a different team than they usually do, this is very relatable.

“And just, like, I don’t know, the natural, I don’t know, something in my brain switched. I was like, ‘Oh s–t. That’s right, I’m playing for New Orleans.’ So, it was a funny moment on the tip ball, but then I was sweet after that.”

Nonetheless, Adams quickly overcame the weirdness and played a great game against the Thunder. In fact, he finished the game with 14 points, 10 rebounds, 2 assists, one steal, and one block.