WATCH: Syracuse Basketball Coach Jim Boeheim Caught on Camera Picking Nose, Licking Finger

by Quentin Blount

We live in a digital age today where there isn’t really too much privacy anywhere. But that still has yet to stop Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim from picking his nose.

It appeared that coach Boeheim really needed a tissue while he was coaching on the sideline recently. But since there didn’t appear to be one nearby, Boeheim decided that he would go with a good old-fashioned nose-picking. Then he promptly licks his finger. Of course, college basketball fans on Twitter jumped all over it.

This isn’t the first time Boeheim has been caught picking his nose on national TV. In fact, cameras have caught and broadcasted his nose-picking to a national audience on several occasions. At this point he’s developed a reputation for it. So it was really no surprise that he got caught once again.

Barstool Sports tweeted a video clip of Boeheim’s glorious nose picking on Tuesday evening.

“Boogers for dinner @[email protected],” Bartsool Sports posted on their official Twitter page.

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh fans were giving him the business about it back in 2015. Fans brought with them a sweet sign of Jim Boeheim, you guessed it, picking his nose. Boeheim of course laughs it off and seems to be implying that he goes for the scratch and not the pick. Pitt fans continuously taunted Boeheim with posters of him picking his nose and he seemed to enjoy it.

At least the Syracuse head coach has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

Jim Boeheim Continues Storied Coaching Career

Jim Boeheim is known much more for his coaching ability, however, than he is for his nose-picking. The Hall of Fame member has put together a remarkable run as head coach at his alma mater, Syracuse University.

In 44 years of coaching, Boeheim has guided his team to winning seasons every year during his tenure. Furthermore, he has pushed the Orange into the postseason in all but three of his 44 years. Syracuse has made 34 trips into the NCAA Tournament, including Final Four appearances in 1987, 1996, 2003, 2013, and 2016. The Orange won the national championship in 2003. He’s also been a long-time participant in the USA Basketball program.

Boeheim’s coaching style at Syracuse is different from many other highly-successful coaches. Where they prefer the man-to-man defense, he demonstrates a preference for the match-up 2–3 zone.

And after suffering from cancer in 2001, Boeheim and his wife founded the Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation. The non-profit is devoted to child welfare, cancer treatment, and prevention.