WATCH: Team USA Women’s Basketball Roasts Damian Lillard at 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Hilarious Clip

by Joe Rutland

Team USA women’s basketball player A’ja Wilson decided to razz men’s basketball player Damian Lillard at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Lillard had a rather, um, interesting response to what he was hearing from Wilson, who plays for the WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces. Lillard is currently a member of the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers.

Take a look at this interaction from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics between Wilson and Lillard.

Obviously, Lillard wasn’t pleased with the chatter he was hearing from Wilson. Both teams are still in the competition at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The men’s team, though, is coming off of a surprising 83-76 loss to France. They will have to get back on the winning side when Team USA squares off against Iran early Wednesday morning in Japan.

The women’s team managed to post an 81-72 opening-round victory over Nigeria. So, there’s some good-natured razzing going on between both teams. Team USA faces host team Japan early Friday morning in Round B competition. They also will play France on Monday morning in Japan.

What both teams are facing in these Games is reflective of how much the international basketball scene has improved over the years. Meaning, the competition is tougher than in years past.

2020 Tokyo Olympics Have Sports Where Men, Women Compete Against Each Other

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics has sports where men’s teams and women’s teams face one another for Olympic gold. But some sports have men and women included together in the same competition.

Some of these sports include horse racing, equestrian competitions, sailing, motorbike racing, and darts.

Horse racing shows men and women competing against one another equally during the sport’s flat and over jumps. Studies have shown both sexes do not perform differently when competing on horses who possess similar abilities.

This also appears in equestrian competition. According to Pledge Sports, the ability to perform necessary tasks doesn’t differ between the sexes.

As for sailing, both sexes have the opportunity to compete against one another. This opportunity is only available in one class, the Nacre 17, which is a certain type of sailing vessel.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is debuting five new mixed team events during the Summer Olympics.

In swimming, it will include a mixed 4×100-meter medley relay. This event features two men and two women from each country swimming for a win.

In track and field, a 4×400-meter relay also features two men and two women on each team. As for archery, women and men will be competing in a match-play format. Judo features a mixed team event, comprised of three women and three men. It’s going to have six different weight classes competing on each team.

Table tennis has a mixed doubles event featuring teams of one man and one woman. It’s a single-elimination tournament.