WATCH: Tennessee Fans Tear Down Neyland Stadium Goalposts After Epic Alabama Upset

by Suzanne Halliburton
Donald Page/Getty Images

The field at Neyland Stadium Saturday after Tennessee upset Alabama was a sea of neon orange. And somewhere among the masses you could see the goal posts coming down.

That’s how you celebrate a breath-taking Chase McGrath 40-yard field goal as time ran out. It sealed the 52-49 Vols victory over the Crimson Tide.

So let the party start. Or shall we say, party on, Vols. Fans started long before the game started. It reached a fever pitch in the second quarter when Tennessee built an 18-point lead over Alabama. Then fans were devastated when the Tide roared back. That’s what that team does to just about every opponent.

If you’d like a more up-close and personal view of the pandemonium, check out this video.

Tennessee Fans Got the Goal Posts Out of Stadium After Alabama Win

This is the first time the Vols beat the Tide since 2006. And if you know your college football history, that was the year before Nick Saban took over in Tuscaloosa. Players on both teams were in elementary school. And so were the students, who turned Neyland Stadium into a gigantic party.

And the goal post wranglers got them out of the stadium. Check that, the orange crossbar made it out. Three fans rode atop the crossbar as if it were a parade float. Cheering fans trailed behind. We’re calling this the holy grail of Knoxville.

Fans for both teams suffered through the game’s final anxiety-riddled minute. Alabama kicker Will Reichard missed a potential game winner with his 50-yard field goal attempt sailing to the right. That missed kick came with 15 seconds left in the game.

Vols quarterback Hendon Hooker completed two quick passes to put Tennessee in field goal range. His 27-yarder to Bru McCoy was the final offensive snap. Josh Heupel called timeout with 2 seconds to play and sent in the field goal kicker. As soon as the kick cleared, fans immediately streamed onto the field. The goal posts stood no chance.