WATCH: Tennessee Titans WR AJ Brown Breaks Three Tackles for Score Against Ravens, Fans Go Insane

by Charles Craighill

In a very tight matchup that took overtime to settle, Tennessee Titans receiver A.J. Brown’s epic touchdown put the Titans in a position to win.

With two and a half minutes to go in the game, Brown caught a third-down pass from Ryan Tannehill. He needed five yards for the first down, but he got more than that. A.J. Brown busted through four defenders on his way to a fourteen-yard touchdown.

A J Brown’s touchdown put the Titans up 22 to 21 with just over two minutes left in the game. Titans’ Head Coach, Mike Vrabel, decided to attempt a two-point conversion in order to gain a three-point lead.

In a near-perfect play call, quarterback Ryan Tannehill called his own number on a read-option. The entire defense bit on the fake handoff to Derrick Henry and Tannehill trotted into the end zone untouched.

Leading by three with two minutes to go, the Titans couldn’t hold off Lamar Jackson and the Ravens’ offense. The Ravens drove 65 yards down the field, but couldn’t find the end zone.

The Titans were able to stop the Ravens on third down, forcing the field goal unit to come onto the field. With fifteen seconds to go, Justin Tucker nailed a 29-yard field goal to tie the game. Tannehill kneeled the ball to send the game to overtime.

Tennessee Titans Win in Overtime

Despite losing the coin toss, the Tennessee Titans were able to sneak away with a victory. The defense held strong, stopping the electric Lamar Jackson driven offense after only one first down. This put Tannehill’s offense in great field position with a chance to win the game with a field goal.

With that said, many Titans fans were nervous about Stephen Gostkowski’s inconsistent kicking this year. Coming into this game, Gostkowski had only hit twelve out of his 20 field goal attempts. He also missed two extra points in the first two games of the season but had been perfect since then.

Whether it was fear of Gostkowski or desire to get it over with, the Titans didn’t even give Gostkowski a chance. Tannehill and Henry drove 73 yards and capped it off with a 29-yard walk-off touchdown run. Titans won 30-24.