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WATCH: Terence Crawford Shows Off Massive Gun Collection, Shoots Exploding Targets

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

Boxer Terence Crawford brings the gun show. Quite literally. The professional boxer shows off his massive gun collection to his Instagram followers.

A small militia would be jealous. Crawford posed for an Instagram photo with a rifle in each hand. He surrounded himself with a collection of rifles, pistols, and at least one shotgun. Apparently, when he’s not showing opponents his boxing gloves in the ring, he’s an avid gun collector on the side.

But Crawford admitted in the post that he may also have an obsession. Each gun probably cost him a pretty penny. Fortunately, the boxer is a millionaire with a net worth of $8 million. He also revealed that he’s only showing off half his collection today.

On Instagram, he wrote, “They say I got too many I say I don’t got enough. Always fun when I got time to pull these bad boys it and let em rip. P.S this only half. Maybe I do have a problem.”

Terence Crawford Shoots Explosive Barrels

For those curious to see those bad boys in action, Crawford didn’t disappoint. In an Instagram story, Crawford and some of his buddies went to an outdoor shooting area near his home in Omaha, Nebraska. And let’s just say that the results were explosive.

(Click here to view the video of Terence Crawford shooting the guns).

Using the back of his truck for support, Crawford shot at explosive barrels. After a few shots from the guns, the barrels exploded much to the boxer‘s amusement, raining down fire.

Crawford better also bring the firepower if he faces against Errol Spencer in 2021 as many fans are hoping. Holding multiple world championships across his career, Crawford is considered to be one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.