WATCH: Texas A&M Celebrates Return of College Football With First ‘Midnight Yell’ of the Season

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

It’s that time of year again! College football is back and the ceremonious cheers – and wild traditions – have begun all around the country. It’s that time when college students gather – no matter what group they fall into. Under those stadium lights, crowds unite as one, with one common goal: victory. And while it’s still hot and humid in Texas, Aggies gathered at Kyle Field donning the best of their maroon and white for the season’s first midnight yell.

With a resounding force, 25,000 Aggies from Texas A&M kicked off the season with the traditional practice. Getting pumped up for the first game of the season, the “12th man” fans let their team know they stood behind them.

The impressive moment was recorded on video and quickly gained traction.

The impressive video shows the stands completely filled with students and staff huddled together. The sound brings chills as the congregation sings in harmony. Rocking side to side with arms wrapped around each other, the scene is awe-inspiring.

Additionally, a large banner reads “Home of the 12th Man” amid the stands. There’s not an empty seat in the arena.

Texas A&M’s History of the Midnight Yell

According to the official Texas A&M website, the midnight yell is also deeply rooted into the school’s history.

“It began when a group of cadets was gathered in Peanut Owens’ dorm room in Puryear Hall, when someone suggested that all of the freshmen should meet on the steps of the YMCA Building at midnight to practice yells. The freshman asked the two senior yell leaders at the time to attend. The two said they couldn’t authorize the event, but they just might happen to show up. Word about the midnight gathering quickly spread, and that evening, Midnight Yell was born,” the school’s website states.

Like many traditions, the school now accepts the practice as part of the game. The website goes on to explain:

“Midnight Yell begins when the yell leaders lead the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band and current and former students into the stadium. Once there, the yell leaders lead the crowd in yells dating back to the earliest days of Texas A&M. The crowd will sing The Aggie War Hymn and listen to fables from the yell leaders, telling how the Aggies are going to beat their opponent on the field the next day.”

While Texas A&M doesn’t have cheerleaders, we’re certain the fans make up for it.

Texas A&M takes on Ohio’s Kent State University today at 7 p.m.

The Aggies are a part of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and have three national titles along with 18 conference titles.