WATCH: Texas A&M DB Denver Harris Appears to Speed Dangerously Through Narrow Parking Garage

by Jonathan Howard

A video that appears to be from Texas A&M defensive back Denver Harris shows someone who appears to be the player driving dangerously in a parking garage. The footage is really stunning and a little scary, actually. Although the video does not currently show up on the college football player’s social media. It has made the rounds online.

In what looks like a screen recording of an Instagram Live video with Denver Harris’ handle “denvobandz” at the top, the player drives sporadically through a parking garage. At one point, he speeds up a level as a car narrowly passes on the driver’s side.

Alleged Denver Harris Video

In the replies that are seen in the video, people were not feeling the stunts. They were commenting that the football player was out of control. One person apparently replied “denver wtfffff” as the recording of the video cuts off.

There is no confirmation if this video is actually Denver Harris or if it was actually uploaded to his Instagram. However, if it is genuine, then it seems like the Aggies might have some issues off the field. That goes with their issues on the field.

In Week 2 of the college football season, Texas A&M was upset by Appalachian State. Afterward, it led to a waterfall of memes, jokes, videos, and more being shared online. During a rough time like this following a loss, I’m sure Jimbo Fisher would rather not have the extra noise around his program.

Aggies Reeling After App State Loss

In the wild Week 2 that we had in college football, it was probably the Aggies of Texas A&M that had the biggest L. Going down to Appalachian State at home as a top-10 team is about as bad as it gets. When you take into account it’s a game where App State got paid to show up – it’s adding insult to injury.

When the clock reach 0:00 the Mountaineers were victorious 17-14. In the aftermath, fans were livid in College Station. Fans in Boone, meanwhile, partied all weekend and then some. The App State football team has recorded two of the largest upsets in NCAA history. After this season, no one will want to schedule this team.

While the loss hurts, the Aggies have to move on. So, when they take on the Miami Hurricanes, they will have to push the Mountaineers out of their minds.