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Watch: Tim Tebow Gets Fully Disrespectful With Luke Bryan’s CMA Awards Trophy

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Nathan Congleton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Tim Tebow is getting hilariously disrespectful using Luke Bryan‘s Entertainer of the Year Award as a stirring spoon. The athlete took their Georgia-Florida college football rivalry to the next level.

In a video, Tebow debated the best way to stir creamer into his morning coffee. “So what we’re dealing with is the age-old question, right?” he said. “When you have your coffee and put your cream in it, what’s the perfect way to blend it? Spoon? Knife? Or the little spinny-blendy thing?”

Fortunately, his wife Demi-Leigh had the perfect answer. She showed up with Bryan’s CMA Entertainer of the Year Award, which she called “Entertainer of the Month.”

“That’s a great idea,” Tebow agreed. He used the tip of the pointy-award to stir his coffee. “Guys, that’s all you got to do. The new rocket blender. Entertainer of the Month apparently.”

Tim Tebow Decorated Luke Bryan’s Award with Florida Gator’s Gear

Previously, Tebow decorated Bryan’s award in a Florida Gators’ jersey and little helmet. He “stole” the award after Bryan’s wife Caroline showed it to him.

“I just get a video from Luke a few minutes ago, tell me it’s Georgia-Florida week. Which we all know that’s wrong. It’s Florida-Georgia week. And how he was going to curse it by putting a Georgia Bulldogs’ jersey on the Heisman,” Tebow said. “So I decided, he might curse mine. But I’m going to bless his. Just to make this feel a little more at home. Because we all know God loves the Gators being orange and blue. You can look at any sunset and understand that.”

Luke Bryan Kicked-off the Football Rivalry

Bryan started the football rivalry between the two ahead of the Florida-Georgia college football game. Bryan is a fan of the Georgia team. Meanwhile, Tebow played for the Gators when he was in college.

Tebow loaned his Heisman Trophy for six months to Bryan and his wife after they won a charity auction. The country singer decided to dress the trophy in a Georgia hoodie ahead of the matchup. He also posted an Instagram video trash-talking Tebow and attempting to put a curse on his team.

“I feel it was an effort to bring back mojo into my household,” he said. “So, ladies and gentlemen, there’s Tim’s Heisman. Just to prove to you he made good on his promise. But I got this all week to put a curse on the Florida Gators.”