WATCH: Titans Star Taylor Lewan Loses His Mind, Drenches Himself in Beer at Nashville Predators Playoff Game

by Evan Reier

If you hadn’t heard, Taylor Lewan really loves Nashville. The Tennessee Titans star is passionate about the Music City, especially the Nashville Predators.

Since departing from Michigan to the Titans as the 11th overall pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, Taylor Lewan has been one of Nashville’s most popular athletes. It helps that he’s notched three Pro Bowl appearances in his time with the Titans.

When he’s not blocking edge rushers or hosting his podcast, Taylor Lewan is probably at a Nashville Predators game. The 29-year-old is seen often at Preds games and is vocal about generating support for the team.

Sometimes, that means making a tweet or doing community outreach. Other times, like in a glorious moment today, that means going absolutely hog wild next to the ice.

Preds fan in attendance for Nashville’s playoff battle with the Carolina Hurricanes, @Luke_Huerta4, captured the animal in his natural habitat.

From the thumbnail, you can tell this is wild. Firstly, Taylor Lewan is shirtless and in the second row. With an electric Nashville crowd around him, he can only feed off the energy.

However, it’s how the offensive tackle channels Stone Cold Steve Austin with a beer catch and messy pour that makes this video truly epic. It’s clear Lewan is thriving in that moment, and he doesn’t give a “puck” about anything but the Preds.

We also want to point out that his young daughter is sitting right next to him. When he starts chugging the beer, his daughter looks up with an adorable face of, “What is my dad doing?” She may not know, and he may not either but it made for a killer moment on Sunday.

Taylor Lewan, Nashville Predators

The Predators fanbase was in for a rollercoaster on Sunday. Already down 2-1 in the series with Carolina, Taylor Lewan and Nashville needed their team to pull of a win to equalize the series.

The Predators took the lead on two separate occasions, leading 1-0 and then 2-1, but the Hurricanes tied up the contest both times. Then, the visitors went ahead 3-2 to put serious pressure on Nashville.

But Nick Cousins made the most of a power play to tie the game back up at 3. This led to an extended overtime scrap, with neither side scoring in the first 20 minutes of sudden death.

Luke Kunin ended up being the difference maker in Nashville, scoring about four minutes into the second overtime. It sent the crowd, and Taylor Lewan, into a frenzy, as it meant the Predators were tied up in the series.