WATCH: T.J. Watt Runs Sprints, Works Out During Steelers-Browns Pregame Days After Tearing Pec

by Jonathan Howard

NFL players are built different. Just days after tearing his pec, T.J. Watt is back to practice in the Steelers-Browns pregame ahead of Thursday Night Football. The Pittsburgh defensive star thought he might not play again this season. His torn pec was said to require surgery, but a second opinion changed everything.

Since T.J. Watt didn’t tear his tendon when he injured his pectoral muscle, he’s able to get out there and do things, like this, just 11 days after.

T.J. Watt Gets Loose in Steelers Pregame

Listen, I don’t know about you Outsiders, but if I tore my pec less than two weeks ago, I don’t think I’d be doing arm circles like that so comfortably. Now, don’t get excited, Steelers Nation, Watt won’t be suiting up against the Browns. He’s going to be out for likely another month or more. Still, that’s better than having to deal with a Wattless defense for the entire season.

For now, linebacker David Anenih has been added to the 53-man roster. He’s going to get some good experience away from the Tennessee Titans’ practice squad. The former Houston Cougar will try to make an impact in the few snaps that he gets.

Through the Watt injury, the Steelers have played once. The Patriots came into Pittsburgh and rattled QB Mitch Trubisky. The final score was 17-14 and you have to wonder if the injured linebacker would have turned the tides on defense.

Thursday Night Football in Cleveland

Tonight is going to be another primetime matchup for Thursday Night Football. Of course, fans will have to turn their attention to Amazon Prime Video. Last week was the first time Amazon took over the broadcast for TNF. It didn’t exactly go over well. The action on the field was really great with a battle between Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert.

The Chiefs and Chargers made up for a lot of the broadcast issues. However, let’s hope that Amazon does a better job this week. NFL fans don’t like buffering and desync issues. If this game is as good as last week, then it will be a much watch. Still, these are two teams that are still trying to find their footing.

Let’s get ready for Thursday Night Football action!