WATCH: Tom Brady Gets Gifted Lederhosen During Press Conference Ahead of Game in Germany

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sven Hoppe/picture alliance via Getty Images)

When in Germany, you get lederhosen. That’s what Tom Brady received as part of his press conference ahead of the game in Munich. The NFL really wants to take the game globally. That’s why they have invested in events like the London games and now Munich.

While he didn’t put them on, Tom Brady was gifted a great pair of lederhosen while in Germany. It isn’t often that we see press conferences interrupted for gifts. However, it should happen more often in the states. Give out little knick-knacks to each team’s starting quarterback, because why not?

Check out the video below. Brady really seems to appreciate the gift. Decked out with the German flag, a football, and the Tamp Bay Buccaneers logo – it has everything that you could ever need. If I’m not mistaken, it looks like football leather. But I’m not an expert on German traditional fashion, either.

Look, the NFL is a massive brand. It is able to dominate TV ratings and just about all media in America and in other parts of the world. So, let’s take it to Germany. Let’s go play football in Norway or Sweden. Wherever they want to play the game, do it. Fans will definitely fill the stands and they will tune in on TV.

It is wild to see Tom Brady playing in Germany at the age of 45. He almost didn’t make it.

Tom Brady Almost Retired at 27

According to a new ad for TB12, Tom Brady almost called it quits 18 years ago. Yeah, seriously. If he had, he would have gone out at 27 years old with two Super Bowl championships and a lot of potential. He would have never had the greatest career of all time.

Apparently, Brady was having intense elbow pain. There wasn’t anything wrong exactly, but there was pain. It was bad enough to make him think about calling it quits. Imagine. No real dynasty for the Patriots. Brady goes out as someone who had a lot of talent but didn’t stick around long enough to really work things out.

Thankfully, Brady made sure to get that elbow right and kept on throwing touchdowns. Now, 18 years later, he can look back on it and use it as a wild story to promote his business. Not a bad way to live.