WATCH: Tom Brady Hurls Lombardi Trophy Across Water to Rob Gronkowski on Another Boat

by Suzanne Halliburton

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are celebrating their Super Bowl win in the most Florida way possible. They’re both on boats tossing the Lombardi Trophy. Who cares if it gets wet, right? They’ve got so many more.

The two helped lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to an upset of the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday for the Super Bowl victory. The city of Tampa currently is celebrating the championship with a big boat parade.

ESPN’s SportsCenter Twitter account posted a video clip from the parade. It shows Tom Brady heaving the Lombardi Trophy to Gronkowski, who is riding in another boat. The Tampa Times reported that Gronkowski and Camille, Kostek, his girlfriend, kissed the trophy together.

Thousands of fans are lining the parade route.

Take a look:

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski Are New Florida Residents

Both Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are recent Florida residents. They played together with the New England Patriots, with Brady winning six Super Bowls and Gronkowski part of three of them.

Brady signed with Tampa last spring. He then enticed Gronkowski into coming out of retirement and joining him with the Buccaneers to see if they could do the improbable.

And in the first half of the Super Bowl, which was played at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium, the two basically put the game away. Brady threw two touchdown passes to Gronkowski to help give Tampa a 21-6 halftime lead.

Tom Brady is the best quarterback ever in the Super Bowl. He has seven wins.

Meanwhile, Gronkowski is the top tight end and one of the best-ever receivers to play in the biggest game. He caught six passes for 67 yards and two touchdowns, Sunday. In his five Super Bowl appearances, Gronkowski has 23 receptions for 297 yards. He trails only San Francisco standout Jerry Rice, who caught 33 passes for 589 yards in his Super Bowl career.

Today’s Super Bowl parade in Tampa is on the Hillsborough River. They’ll maneuver down to Port Tampa Bay. Then there will be a private event. Several players are expected to speak.

Coach Bruce Arians, who at 68 became the oldest coach ever to win the Super Bowl, also had possession of the Lombardi Trophy. It’s not as heavy as you think. The trophy, which is made of all sterling silver, weighs seven pounds.

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