WATCH: Tom Brady Jokes About Denied High-Fives With Video Montage to Righteous Brothers Song

by Katie Maloney

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, Tom Brady, posts hilarious video montage on Twitter.

After a touchdown during Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints, Brady started handing out high fives. All of his teammates enthusiastically returned the gesture. However, the game’s referee denied the high five. As a joke, Brady shared a video of himself trying to high five the ref and juxtaposed it with The Righteous Brothers’ song, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin.'”

Does Tom Brady Have A Comedy Career In His Future?

With over 98,000 views in under a half-hour, fans are enjoying Brady’s humorous post. One fan wrote, “Tom wins Twitter almost as much as he wins in the playoffs… almost.”

Another impressed fan wrote, “Easily, I mean EASILY the best post game win video to date. Bravo.”

However, one fan hoped to ride the coattails of Brady’s new comedy routine. They replied, “Where do I apply to be Tom Brady’s meme maker? I have a resume…”

Others commented on Brady’s career successes. “WOW. This is Tom Brady’s 9th Conference Championship Game in his past 10 seasons. Let that sink…”

While Buccaneers fans are rejoicing Brady’s contributions to the team, Patriots fans can’t say the same. Some New England Patriots fans mourned the loss of one of their favorite players when replying to Brady’s tweet. One fan wrote, “Please restore the order of the universe and come back to New England :(“

Another fan joked, “Folks how long is it appropriate to follow your ex on Twitter? Asking for a friend,” while sharing a photo of Brady in his former Patriots jersey.

Regardless of whether or not Brady has a future in comedy, it’s clear that he plans to continue to dominate football stadiums. The Buccaneers will be taking on the Green Bay Packers on Sunday as they fight for a spot at the Super Bowl.