WATCH: Tom Brady Shoulder Checks Dallas Cowboys Defender for Basically No Reason

by Suzanne Halliburton

Tom Brady is human after all. So now we know that even the best quarterback ever can get a little frustrated.

So here’s what happened. On the final play of the first half of his 21st season opener, Tom Brady threw an interception. It wasn’t that huge of a deal in the context of Tampa Bay’s game against the Dallas Cowboys. It was the end of a tip drill and Brady was trying for a semi-miracle kind of play — a 50-yard touchdown.

However, a Dallas defensive back tipped the ball. That’s what he’s taught to do. Swat it away. But cornerback Jourdan Lewis grabbed the deflection and raced towards the Tampa end zone.

Bucs guard Ali Marpet tackled Lewis, but only after the cornerback scampered for 66 yards to the Tampa 42. And as Marpet was making the tackle, Tom Brady dropped his shoulder and bumped into Dallas defensive back Donovan Wilson, who woofed back at Brady. The quarterback walked away.

It was more like a thud, but it was away from the play. Officials either didn’t see it. Or probably, they didn’t care. It was halftime.

But check out what a mildly frustrated GOAT does after he tosses a pick. Complex Sports tweeted a link and described it as “Brady with the shoulder check,” followed by laughing/crying emoji.

NFL Kicked Off Season with Tom Brady As Its Star

The NFL season kicked off Thursday night with a marquee matchup. No doubt, Tom Brady and the defending Super Bowl champions hosting the Dallas Cowboys will be a big ratings draw. The NBC Sunday Night crew worked the game. And NBC, at least on a Sunday night, was the top-rated TV program for the 2020 season. It averaged 17.4 million viewers a game. So add Tom Brady to the broadcast and it’s probably golden. Plus, Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott was back after missing more than half of last season with a serious ankle dislocation, which required surgery to heal.

Tom Brady threw two interceptions in the first half. Those are some ragged stats for the quarterback. A year ago, Brady threw only 12 through the regular season and the playoffs.

Tom Brady fans thought his shoulder bump of Wilson was a boss kind of move.

One wrote: “He’s like TRY ME BRUH!! Brady checked his ass out.”

Another replied: “That’s my quarterback.” Still another tweeted “Florida Tom really a Savage.”

But it was all good for Tom Brady. Midway through the third quarter, Brady and Wilson had another encounter.

Dallas called a corner blitz as Tampa faced a third-and-6 from the Cowboys 11. Wilson charged through the middle, but couldn’t sack Brady before he could connect with tight end Rob Gronkowski.

So, if you’re counting, it’s Tom Brady 2, Donovan Wilson 0.