WATCH: US Olympian Caeleb Dressel Pops a Wheeley on Lawn Mover in Epically Awesome Clip

by Shelby Scott

It’s hard to imagine our Team USA Olympians doing much else besides training for the next Olympic Games or prestigious competition. However, despite owning the waters at this year’s 2020 Olympic Games, Caeleb Dressel is also a dedicated outdoorsman. Dressel demonstrated his love for lawn sports in his latest Instagram post, popping a wheelie on his Kubota lawnmower.

Dressel demonstrated his love for the outdoors and his down-home American roots with the caption, “You even breathe on the throttle and the front wheels are up. She kicks like a mule. Get yourself a Kubota.” And while Kubota is already popular among Americans, Outsider wouldn’t be disappointed to see Team USA’s Dressel front a sponsorship for the famous brand.

The rest of the clip could also contribute to the brand’s advertising methods, as Dressel donuts around the yard. The video’s soundtrack features “Nonstop” by Drake as the athlete tests out the new Kubota. Caeleb Dressel fans further shared their love for the video and the athlete himself in the comments following the post.

One of Dressel’s followers sarcastically wrote, “Me learning to drive.” Others were impressed more so by the things the athlete can’t do as they wrote, “Is there anything this guy doesn’t do good?”

Still more found humor in the post, writing “For dads everywhere, available now.” “Tokyo drift?” another fan wrote.

Overall, it seems Caeleb Dressel fits in with the rest of you Outsiders.

Team USA’s Caeleb Dressel Shares His Love for the American Outdoors

While Caeleb Dressel’s post features his newest big boy toy, he’s previously shared collections of photos and videos on Instagram that highlight his love for the American outdoors. Additionally, he frequently highlights his beloved Toyota Tacoma, jacked up and LED’d out, ready for all kinds of adventures.

Caleb and his Toyota frequently feature on his social media pages, conquering everything from mud to puddles to dirt roads. And while lots of his followers love both Caeleb Dressel and the 4×4, others in some of his comments expressed their contempt for the Toyota brand (mostly in a joking manner).

Instagram follower, @deniselowe commented, “Sorry buddy!! If it’s not a jeep, you’ll never be able to hang with the big dogs!” We can only assume she was joking, but car and truck people get very passionate when it comes to their 4x4s.

In addition to mudding and mowing, the athlete is also a recreational fisherman and shared with followers a few months ago a rather large catch made with friends. He captioned the post, “Big thanks to @fishhunter for getting the boys out on the water! A beautiful Red…”

And while we’re sure to see more outdoorsy posts and vids on Caeleb Dressel’s Instagram, we can’t help but agree with fans concerning the athlete’s passions. Is there truthfully anything this guy doesn’t do?