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WATCH: U.S Open Streaker Hits Golf Balls, Dances, and Jukes Out Security

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Oh my, there was a U.S. Open streaker at one of golf’s most prestigious tournament of the year.

Who let this guy onto the beautiful green Torrey Pines fairways?

Now, the U.S. Open streaker wasn’t completely naked. He wore plenty of clothes to hide all his privates from the viewing public. And he capped off his outfit with a Superman Rainbow Pride cape. But for a few glorious moments, the unidentified man was all by himself on the 13th fairway.

He brought his own iron and a couple of golf balls. And after he ran about 30 yards, he took the iron and practiced his swing. Was it pro-worthy? You’ll have to decide.

Then, the U.S. Open streaker danced and dropped low, low, low. The iron probably helped with his balance and dance moves.

Bryson DeChambeau and Scottie Scheffler were on the hole when the U.S. Open streaker interrupted play.

Unfortunately for the uninvited golfer, he was cornered by a cop driving a golf cart. He was flipped over on his belly and the cop handcuffed him. The folks in the gallery were highly entertained. You can hear them laughing.

Former PGA pro and current Austin resident Rich Beem had the play-by-play for Sky Sports. He was simple with his words.

“Look at this idiot out here,” he said, then repeated “Look at the idiot out here, all right.”

Seeing US Open Streaker Brought Back Memories of 2018 Tournament

The site Awful Announcing immediately likened the U.S. Open streaker to another occurrence at a PGA event in 2018. That time, the guy who interrupted play wore nothing at all. He also was drunk. Go figure.

According to the New York Post, a 24-year-old man was arrested after streaking on the green during a practice round, the day before the start of the Phoenix Open. The Phoenix streaker was charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. Unlike Sunday’s U.S. Open streaker, this guy was able to run clothes free for about five minutes before security caught up to him.

A spokesman for the Scottsdale police department said the streaker “showed signs and symptoms of alcohol intoxication.”

The fans gave those cops a standing ovation for securing the streaker. Fans in the gallery laughed and tossed golf balls his way.

That tournament loves its rowdy fans.

But the U.S. Open streaker did his act on the final round of one of golf’s Grand Slams. That’s a big no no.

But then again, even before the U.S. Open streaker shook things up, there was chaos on the course. At one point, 10 golfers had a legitimate chance at the championship. But one by one, they took themselves out of contention.