WATCH: Video from Cheez-It Bowl Perfectly Captures How Ridiculous Its ‘Fans’ Are

by Josh Lanier

Leagues have taken to all sorts of different approaches to deal with the lack of fans in the stands. Some are piping in crowd noise and some are using cardboard cutouts to fill seats. But the Cheez-It Bowl on Tuesday went a different way.

This year, fans were able to create a Cheez-It avatar before the game between Oklahoma State and the Miami Hurricanes. The company would pick out their favorites and create real, animatronic versions of them and place them in the stands. Then fans could control their behavior from home. Check it out in action in the tweet below.

It’s a unique idea for fan engagement, and a novel approach to take during the pandemic. And it did add some of the fun back into the game. College football especially thrives on having live fans.

For their part, Cheez-Its said they knew they had to do something different.

“After the success of last year’s two-story Cheez-It Box Seats, we knew we had to find a way to bring the excitement of the being in the stands of the Cheez-It Bowl to fans watching from home,” said Jeff Delonis, Senior Director of Marketing for Cheez-It. “We also knew that cardboard cutouts and LED screens weren’t going to cut it for a bowl game like no other. The Cheez-It Wheel Live Fans’ take team spirit to the next level and give every football fan the chance to represent themselves no matter where they’re watching.” 

The Cowboys went on to win 37-34.

Mike Grundy Gets Cheez-Its Bath After Win

It’s a tradition in most all sports that players on the winning team douse their coach in Gatorade after the game. But true to form, the Cheez-It Bowl had a different take. Oklahoma State players poured Cheez-Its over coach Mike Grundy after the win.

Grundy said he actually welcomed the crackers over the ice-cold Gatorade.

“Well, that Cheez-It bath is much better than the ice-cold Gatorade at my age,” Gundy said after the game. “I can promise you that.”