WATCH: Virginia Tech’s Electric ‘Enter Sandman’ Entrance Has College Football Fans Losing It

by Clayton Edwards

College football is officially back and Outsider will be there to share all of the best moments both on and off the field. We’ve been counting the days since last year’s season ended and the wait is already paying off. Friday, Virginia Tech opened their season with a home win against North Carolina and the fans at home and in the stands were more than ready.

Fans packed Lane Stadium before the Hokies took the field for the first time this year. In a video of the opening moments of the game, you can see the sea of people. However, it’s more than that. Virginia Tech’s crowd showed the world the magic of college football. Thousands of people stood up, raised their voices as one, and sang into the sky above Blacksburg, Virginia as the home team took the field.

The opening notes of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” slowly build to a crescendo. The musical tension rises through the intro until it breaks in one of the most iconic riffs in heavy metal. You can see that energy thrumming in Virginia Tech’s crowd as the Hokies waited to exit the tunnel and hit the field.

Seeing this many people together in a world that seems so divided would be heartwarming in and of itself. However, after about the second line of the song, the crowd sings out in unison. Hearing those voices raised together highlights the real importance of college football. It’s moments of unity like this that make us at Outsider love the game.

Sure, we love watching the action on the field, but it’s the communal spirit that really makes college football something special. Few things can bring this many people together.

Virginia Tech’s Crowd Was There for the “Enter Sandman,” Entrance

Virginia Tech’s fans have been waiting far too long to hear that iconic Metallica track booming across the stadium. Friday, they showed their appreciation for the chance to reconnect. For the relatively short that time they were in the stadium, they were just fans. Political and societal divisions and affiliations fell to the wayside. All the hot button issues were drowned out by the unifying spirit of the game and Metallica’s most iconic song.

Take a look at this other video. It shows a different angle of Virginia Tech’s entrance. More importantly, you can hear the crowd singing together a little better. However, this video was taken from inside one of the stadium’s press boxes. This really illustrates just how excited, unified, and deafening loud Hokies fans were on Friday.

These are the moments that remind us at Outsider why we’re fans. We pride ourselves on finding the common ground on which all Americans can stand. College football provides that common ground multiple times every week. We’ll be watching. Follow us on Twitter for more highlights from this season.