WATCH: Washington Star Chase Young Hysterically Reacts After Backup QB Impresses

by Will Shepard

The Washington Football Team has been dealing with an unruly quarterback all season. But, on December 28, Dwayne Haskins was cut from the team unceremoniously. Now though, Chase Young is talking about how good another of their backups is at the position.

Chase Young, the rookie defensive end and one of the team’s captains, has been a force so far this year. So, during their game this past Sunday, Young was wearing a mic to give fans an inside look at the rookie sensation. At one point in the game, he starts talking about their backup quarterback, Taylor Heinicke.

To say the least, it is certainly evident that Young is impressed by the ability that Heinicke shows. Heinicke entered the game halfway through the third quarter. Young certainly liked what he saw out of the former XFL quarterback.

During the game, as the offense was moving down the field, Young ran onto the field to talk to the quarterback. Immediately he begins to praise the quarterback’s work and urges him to keep on playing the way he’s playing.

“Hey, you ballin’. Keep goin’. I see! I know you. I love it!”

Chase Young Talking up His Backup Quarterback

Then, on the sideline, Young keeps singing his praises. In fact, the defensive end starts pronouncing his name in a singsong manner. Regardless of how much he likes saying Heinicke’s name, he also talks about how much he likes his game. It certainly has a lot to do with the confidence that the former XFL quarterback has.

“Let’s get it now, Heinicke! Number four’s been paying attention. ‘Cause he’s operating. I went up to him, and I said, ‘Hey, keep doing what you’re doing four.’ He said ‘C’mon it’s what I do.’ I love it!”

So, Young clearly is a fan of his backup quarterback. It also doesn’t hurt that once Heinicke came into the game, Washington scored a touchdown and didn’t give up any more points. Even though Washington lost the game, Young is very vocal about how much he supports the backup quarterback.

“I like him. I like him.”

Now, the question remains, what will happen with the quarterback conundrum in Washington. Only time will tell, but if it was up to Young, he might cast his vote for the former XFL quarterback.