WATCH: Wisconsin Players Shatter Trophy in Bowl Win Celebration

by Suzanne Halliburton

Oh, no! Wisconsin celebrated a bowl win by dropping the crystal trophy and breaking it into a zillion little pieces.

Somebody get a broom.

ESPN’s Sports Center account tweeted the aftermath of the crystal carnage.

“Wisconsin may be going home empty handed … It appears that the trophy from the Duke’s Mayo Bowl is shattered.”

ESPN gave the hat tip to Adam Krumholz, a wide receiver for the Badgers who is shown in the video. But we don’t know who actually dropped the football-shaped trophy. Players were trying to pick up the pieces, possibly to match them and glue them back together. But the trophy appeared to be too splintered to salvage.

Pre-trophy Drop, Wisconsin Did a Nice Job of Handling Game Against Wake Forest

We hope a broken trophy doesn’t curtail the Badgers celebration. They did a nice job beating Wake Forest in Charlotte, NC. Final score was 42-28 for the victory in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl.

Wake Forest took an early 14-0 lead in the first quarter. Wisconsin picked up two touchdowns in the second quarter to tie the game by halftime. Demon Deacons quarterback Jacquarii Roberson threw four interceptions in the second half. That helped the Badgers blow the game open.

Dropping the trophy probably was bad form for the new bowl sponsor. Duke’s Mayo became the name sponsor of the bowl game. Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte serves as the bowl site. The bowl invites a team from the Atlantic Coast Conference to play either a school from the Big Ten or the SEC.

The Belk department store chain was the named sponsor of the game for much of the past decade.

The game is relatively new on the bowl scene. Organizers unveiled it as the Queen City Bowl in 2002.

Wisconsin ended the Covid-19-plagued season with a 4-3 record. Wake Forest finished at 4-5.

Because of the pandemic, all schools could play in a bowl, if invited. But Covid forced the cancellation of a number of the bowls.

The official Twitter account for Duke’s Mayo Bowl took the shattered trophy in stride. It posted a photo of another Wisconsin player holding an intact trophy, but looking down at the glass.

“Uh @BadgerFootball…”. That’s all anyone can say. Ouch.