WATCH: Woman Slaps Man Across Face at Steelers Game, Brawl Breaks Out in NFL Stands

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

The action was hot and heavy last night as the NFL preseason saw a matchup of two teams looking to improve upon last season’s record. But, the action in the stands was even more intense as a fight erupts among football fans.

NFL fans are known as a passionate bunch, willing to cheer on their favorite team at all costs. Combine that passion with readily available alcohol and incidents involving fans are bound to happen. At last night’s preseason game featuring the Steelers and Lions, most of the drama took place off the field. Video has surfaced of an incident involving fans and isn’t pretty.

The smartphone footage was shot by another fan in the stadium to provide evidence of what exactly happens in the melee. The video shows a man and a woman engaging in physical contact until it is broken up by other fans in attendance. Take a look for yourself:

It isn’t known what set off the tempers of the fight’s combatants who were attending the NFL preseason game. The video begins with the blonde woman cursing at the man in the white shirt. She told him to “get the f*** out” in close range.

You can clearly hear the man telling the woman not to touch him. Things escalate quickly when the woman slaps the man across the face. The man reaches back as if preparing to throw a punch but restrains himself from doing so as the woman takes a defensive stance. The loud gasp you can hear from the crowd tells you that the situation is reaching a boiling point.

NFL Fans Fighting is Becoming an Issue for League

A man sitting next to the woman steps in to attempt to deescalate the situation but to no avail. Punches are thrown by both men before the guy in the blue shirt and baseball hat goes limp after a devastating punch. The woman then tries to shield the man in the blue shirt from taking in more punishment from the man in the white shirt. As several punches are thrown, cooler heads come in to break up the fight. It appears all three combatants are fine as the melee quickly comes to an end.

Fighting among fans appears to be a growing problem that may require the NFL to step in. Video emerged just last week that shows a fan being pummeled during a game featuring the Los Angles Rams and the Los Angles Chargers. Fights among fans have become an all too often site in the NFL stadiums across the league.

The NFL preseason has one more week to go before the 2021 regular season is set to begin. The season will open on Thursday, September 9, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers taking on the Dallas Cowboys.