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WATCH: Wrestling Fan Offers CM Punk His Drink After He Jumps Into the Crowd

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

One of the coolest sports moments of 2021 has to be the return of CM Punk to televised professional wrestling. Now, with AEW, Punk seems to have a newfound passion for sports entertainment. He is back out entertaining fans and hopefully getting ready for a run at a title or two. By joining AEW, CM Punk has given fans a lot of reason to be excited.

Tonight over on TNT, AEW was getting ready to get underway. It looks like Chicago has Punk fever. The entire crowd was losing their minds, but one small portion of fans got the coolest interaction ever. The wrestler lept into the crowd. Right into the front row coming down the left side of the aisle. Of course, the crowd took him in, but one fan made a small mistake.

Over the years it has become a known fact that CM Punk doesn’t drink alcohol or do drugs. He was the most famous Straight Edge wrestler during his time at WWE. As the fans pat him on his back and shout and celebrate, one fan makes a bad move. He tried to hand the wrestler his beverage. Seemingly alcohol, Punk turned the drink down with a polite hand and an annoyed face. It looked like the fan just didn’t get the message and tried to explain his position.

Generally speaking, if someone chooses not to drink, there is a good reason for it. There are many reasons, each is personal to the individual. Of course, Punk was about to enter the ring, and a beer was likely not the best choice at the time. Plus, it is not a secret that he doesn’t drink. However, the situation was handled as politely as it could have been. Look, it’s just nice to see Punk back in the ring.

CM Punk Returns to Professional Wrestling

A couple of weeks ago, as August came to an end, CM Punk made his triumphant return. As part of AEW Rampage, the former WWE Superstar made the building pop with his appearance. It has been a long time coming. Also, for him to return in his hometown, that made it all the more exciting. While some wrestling fans have their doubts about the promotion, there is no doubt this was a great move.

The point is, this show was an absolute success. Fans would be silly to think that AEW is bringing CM Punk on board and not putting him on a title trajectory. That means there will be plenty of Punk for viewers to see. These promotions are all about building towards a pay-per-view with a big title fight. So, there will likely be plenty of matches featuring “The Best in the World” and hopefully some gold around his waist soon.