WATCH: WWE Legend Scott Hall’s Message To Uber Driver’s Daughter Is a Must-See

by Samantha Whidden

Following the news that Scott Hall was placed on life support over the weekend, a message from the wrestling legend to an Uber driver’s daughter went viral. 

In a tweet on Monday (March 14th), the video shows Scott Hall standing next to the Uber driver for the message. “Hey, yo Dani,” Hall says to the driver’s daughter. “I’m here with your dad, Rolando. He told me you’ve been acting up a little bit, chico. So, if I hear any more about that, the bad guy is going to swing by your crib. And you ain’t going to like that.” 

The Uber driver’s daughter confirmed that the message from Hall was from 2017. She also shared another video of the wrestler making a funny hand gesture. Hall’s fans took to the social media platform to share their reaction to the video. “Dude, no freaking way! You got a crotch chop,” one fan wrote. “That takes things to another level. Thanks for sharing the videos.”

Another fan of the wrestler went on to add, “This one hits hard.”

Scott Hall was reportedly placed on life support after suffering from a blood clot that dislodged, resulting in the wrestler having three heart attacks last week. He recently underwent surgery after falling and breaking his hip. 

Scott Hall Rose to Wrestling Fame in the Mid-1980s As Curt Hennig’s Tag-Team Partner

As previously reported, Hall first hit the professional wrestling spotlight in the mid-1980s when he became the tag-team partner of fellow wrestler, Curt Hennig. He then took the stage name, Razor Ramon, during his WWE career in the early-1990s. After switching to WCW, he teamed up with Kevin Nash to form The Outsiders. He later joined forces with fellow wrestling legend, Hulk Hogan, and created the group known as New World Order (aka nWo). 

During his professional career, Scott Hall achieved various champion titles including WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion, USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion, WCW World Television Champion, and WWR Intercontinental Champion (which he won four times). He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a singles competition in 2014 and then again as a member of the nWo in 2020. 

Wrestling Champion Kevin Nash Shares Special Tribute to Scott Hall Following Life Support News 

On Sunday (March 13th), wrestling champion Kevin Nash took to his Instagram account to share a special tribute to his friend and fellow wrestler Scott Hall. “Once his family is in place, they will discontinue life support,” Nash stated. “I’m going to lose the one person on this planet I’ve spent more of my life with than anyone else.”

Nash also declared that his heart is broken and he’s incredibly sad about Scott Hall’s deteriorating health. “I love Scott with all my heart. But now I have to prepare my life without in the present. I’ve been blessed to have a friend that took me at face value and I him. When we jumped to WCW, we didn’t care who liked or hated us. We had each other.”