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WATCH: XFL Fans Protect Beer Snake From the Tyranny of DC Defenders Security Guards

by Dustin Schutte
xfl beer snake
(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

Beer snakes and football, that’s what D.C. does. If anyone attempts to disrupt that combination, the rowdy XFL fans attending this weekend’s Defenders-Sea Dragons game.

DC security guards took away a beer snake during the XFL game, which caught plenty of jeers from the crowd. Not to worry, though, a new one got passed around, this one appearing to avoid security.

Hey, fans worked really hard — and probably spent a fair amount of cash — to create the beer snake. Security can’t just waltz in and start taking it away from the people.

Fortunately, the DC fans had a backup plan. And, because of the dedication from the crowd, the security team apparently decided to give up on getting rid of all the beer snakes in the stadium.

The XFL is supposed to be the opposite of the NFL, as in, allowing a lot more fun to happen. DC kicked things off on the right foot over the weekend.

Fans Launch Lemons Onto Field After Beer Snake Gets Taken

DC fans were a little sour after security guards ruined their fun by taking away the beer snake. So, the crowd showed their frustration in a much different way.

They just started chucking lemons onto the field during the game. Officials had briefly stop the game because of the fruit on the field.

Don’t see that too often in the NFL, do you?

What makes the situation even better? It clearly rattled the Sea Dragons. Immediately after fans started tossing lemons onto the field, DC’s Michael Joseph intercepted a pass and returned it to the endzone for a touchdown.

Pro tip to security at XFL games — if you don’t want fans to start launching fruit onto the playing surface, let them have fun with the beer snake.