Watching an Ohio State Band Member’s Hilarious Stumble Will Give You Second-Hand Embarrassment

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Jamie Mullen/WireImage)

In one of today’s marquee college football matchups will the Oregon Ducks making a cross-country trip to take on the Ohio State Buckeyes.

College football returned to our lives last week and fans are rejoicing for the excitement that football Saturdays bring us. Both the Oregon Ducks and the Ohio State Buckeyes expect to be in contention for a playoff spot at the end of this season. Both teams are undefeated on the young season and are pretty evenly matched as they take the field. The result of this game could factor into the college football postseason quite heavily. In other words, this game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Oregon Ducks is a pretty big deal. I think you get the picture by now — and both teams know it.

It is still just week two of the 2021 college football season and the kinks are still being worked out. The 2020 season was a forgettable one as the COVID-19 pandemic hung over the heads of football fans all season. Some things are still being worked into place after a rather long way off. One of those issues still being worked on is the play of school bands. Nothing gets a crowd worked up like a live marching band. And, the Ohio State Buckeyes have one of the best. Here is a reminder from the Buckeyes band that it is still very early in the season.

“It’s the first Buckeyes game back for a lot of people,” the tweet says.

You have to feel sorry for the guy but it’s also quite funny. The Buckeye band member takes a spill as he’s sprinting from the tunnel and onto the field. It could happen to anyone, right?

Buckeye Fans Weigh in on falling Band Member

Football fans were quick with comments to the short clip of the tumbling buckeye. While many feel sorry for the young man, others point out the humorous side and encourage others to laugh at something that is clearly funny. It doesn’t hurt anyone to have a little chuckle at a hilarious incident. The young band member wasn’t hurt and got right back to his feet to join his mates on the field.

“Oh man that poor kid has to be mortified,” a social media user says.

“I have to admit that is pretty funny,” another says. I laughed.”

Other college football fans credited the Buckeye band member for bouncing right back up and heading to the field. The show must go on — as they say.

“Plus, that probably really stung landing on his hands like that,” a fan says. “I give him credit for hopping up and shaking it off.”

You have to love the commitment from the young musician to hustle up and make it to the field on time.