Wayne Gretzky Being Sued $10 Million Over Alleged Chewing Gum Lie

by Nick Geddes

NHL legend Wayne Gretzky is being sued $10 million by OMG Gum creator Steven Sparks.

Per TMZ Sports, Sparks alleges that Gretzky lied about losing 35 pounds by chewing the natural weight loss gum. No, this is not fake news. Sparks is serious and claims that Gretzky’s fib resulted in a $10 million loss, which he’s asking to be reimbursed for.

Sparks alleges that Wayne Gretzky said he chewed the gum for a two-month span and it helped him lose 35 pounds. Gretzky lied, as Sparks said, to boost the company’s stock — “which he surreptitiously purchased under his family’s name.”

Gretzky’s wife, Janet, serves as a spokesperson for the product, as she’s done so since 2018.

“OMG is an outstanding product specifically designed to fit into the lifestyles of today’s fast-paced, multi-tasking adults,” Janet Gretzky said. “Overeating is often at the core of weight gain — and a real epidemic. Our great-tasting gum helps eliminate the feeling of being hungry. Plus — I have always disliked taking pills!”

Wayne Gretzky Has Plenty Of Money In The Bank

The 61-year-old Gretzky is the greatest player to ever lace up a pair of skates — and it’s hard to argue why not. Four Stanley Cups. Two Conn Smythe trophies. Nine Hart Memorial trophies. 10 Art Ross trophies. A 15-time All-Star selection. The most points in NHL history with 2,857. 61 league records at the time of his retirement.

Yeah, so no argument there. It’s also inarguable the amount of money Wayne Gretzky has accumulated throughout his career. Gretzky reportedly has a net worth of $250 million and will surely add to that figure with his newest gig. “The Great One” just wrapped up his first season as an analyst for TNT‘s hockey coverage. Gretzky earns in the neighborhood of $3 million per season on the deal.