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West Virginia University Students Go Full Chuck Norris Mode at Football Game Landing Roundhouse Kicks in Brutal Brawl

by Quentin Blount
Photo by John McCreary/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Leave it to the fans at West Virginia University to have one of the wildest brawls of the entire college football season thus far.

Now, if you are attending a big sporting event in person, it’s best to always have your eyes peeled. Because there is always a chance that somewhere in the stadium there will be some fans throwing punches at one another. We may not always know the reason why but it is safe to assume that having a little too much to drink may play a part in it. It looks like that might have been the case once again in the stands at the game between West Virginia and Virginia Tech.

In what was most definitely one of the craziest fights you’ll see all year, there are multiple people going at it here. It almost looks like a fight scene in a Chuck Norris movie. There are dudes with their shirts off, punches thrown, roundhouse kicks landed, and people getting shoved and tackled — all in the upper deck of the stands. Take a look at the wild scene for yourself down below:

It looks like one fan may agree with us that beer may have played a part in today’s brawl down in West Virginia.

“West Virginia campus consumes 1% of the USA’s entire consumption of beer by themselves. Facts,” one fan commented on Twitter.

Another fan joked that maybe the UFC should look into giving a contract to one of the young men involved in the brawl.

“Dana White has a new contender,” the fan replied.

West Virginia University Beats Virginia Tech

Now, we know all about what happened out in the stands during West Virginia and Virginia Tech game. But for those who want to actually hear about what happened on the field, keep on reading. We’ve got you covered there, too.

The Mountaineers were in control for basically the entire game. But they nearly blew it in the end. They had a 27-7 lead going into the second half but watched as Virginia Tech players mounted a late comeback. That was in large part due to a 20-yard touchdown run by Raheem Blackshear and a 29-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Braxton Burmeister to running back Jalen Holston. That made the score 27-21.

One the next West Virginia possession, they almost blew the game for good when quarterback Jarret Doege threw a pick with two minutes left on the clock. However, lucky enough for them the Hokies weren’t able to capitalize despite starting in West Virginia territory.

In the end, running back Leddie Brown rushed for 161 yards and a touchdown for West Virginia. And although it was nearly a disastrous letdown, the Mountaineers still walked away with a victory. Now they will set their sights on the Oklahoma Sooners next week.