Why Lions and Bills Fans Booed Like Crazy During Thanksgiving Halftime Show

by Sean Griffin
(Photo via Getty Images / NurPhoto / Contributor)

The Buffalo Bills stayed in Detroit after moving last week’s matchup against the Cleveland Browns to the Motor City because of a snowstorm in Buffalo. However, in this heated Thanksgiving contest, Bills and Lions fans found something to unite over: anger with the Thanksgiving halftime show.

Viewers watching the game on CBS most likely watched the halftime show starring Bebe Rexha, a singer known for penning songs like Eminem’s “The Monster” and performing on G. Eazy’s “Me Myself & I.”

However, fans weren’t pleased with the performance, considering they watched the performance the same way everyone else at home did.

Fans in attendance at Ford Field were quick to share videos and photos of the empty field during the halftime show performance.

“The Lions halftime show isn’t live,” one account tweeted, along with a video of the stadium booing.

We don’t blame the fans for booing the non-live halftime show. Viewers at home might not have ever known had these fans not posted to social media.

Another account posted a video, showing that Rexha was performing in an atrium in the corner of the stadium, barely visible to any of the people inside.

Bebe Rexha’s Halftime Show Barely Visible for Fans

“NFL: we need this to be an amazing halftime show, we got you Bebe Rexha,” the account wrote. “Lions: yes very good, put her in the corner of the main atrium so no one can see her.”

Bebe Rexha started her prolific career as a songwriter for artists like Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas. She parlayed that success as a songwriter into a successful singing and recording career of her own.

Her debut album I Don’t Wanna Grow Up was released to moderate success, but recently, she’s received more acclaim.

Rexha collaborated country duo Florida Georgia Line in 2017 for “Meant To Be”, a song that racked up well over a billion streams to earn diamond certification.

She also earned a Best New Artist Grammy nomination at the 2021 Grammy Awards.

Rexha’s music has spurned countless viral moments, with her recent collaboration with Guetta — “I’m Good (Blue)” — has become a popular TikTok anthem.

The Detroit Lions (4-6) currently trail the Buffalo Bills (7-3) in the fourth quarter.