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Wife of Bills Player Goes Viral During Fight Between Buffalo, Miami Dolphins

by Dustin Schutte
Mitch Morse During Game
(Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images)

NFL fans across the country saw what lengths Buffalo Bills center Mitch Morse would go to defend quarterback Josh Allen during a fight with the Miami Dolphins. But the offensive lineman’s wife wants her husband to answer one question.

Morse’s wife, Caitlin, quote tweeted the video of the fight between Christian Wilkins and Morse. She then posed a question, asking, “I wonder if he would defend my honor the way he defends Josh?”

That tweet absolutely blew up social media. It received more than 18,000 likes, along with plenty of retweets and comments.

Unfortunately, we may not get Morse’s response publicly. He hasn’t tweeted since July 2022, so it’s unlikely that he’s going to mention anything about this.

There’s probably a good chance that the Buffalo center didn’t even see his wife’s tweet.

Our guess is, yes, Morse would defend his wife’s honor in the same way. But we’re going to have to hear it from him firsthand, just to be sure.

Tony Romo Invents Nickname for Josh Allen During Dolphins-Bills Game

While the Bills and Dolphins fought on the field, broadcaster and former NFL quarterback Tony Romo was inventing nicknames. He came up with a really good one for Josh Allen.

During Sunday’s game, Romo invented the perfect nickname for Allen, who plays nearly-flawless football in the month of January.

“I mean nothing’s open, nothing’s open. Josh is rolling out and he’s like, nothing there, but the defender is not looking at him so he throws it right behind his ear hole [laughs] in the only spot that Knox could have caught it.

“This is why Josh Allen is Mr. January, he just starts to play perfect football and it’s so hard to beat Buffalo.”

Allen was far from perfect on Sunday, but he did play well enough to win. He completed 23-of-39 passes for 352 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions. The Bills defeated the Dolphins 34-31 to advance to the AFC Divisional Round.