WATCH: Wild Brawl Breaks Out Among Wrigley Field’s Bleacher Bums During Cubs-Cardinals Game

by Dustin Schutte

A few unruly fans put Wrigley Field’s “Bleacher Bums” moniker to the true test on Tuesday night. A fight broke out in the outfield bleachers during a tilt between the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals, resulting in one individual falling down multiple rows of seats.

The alarming scene unfolded in the eighth inning of Tuesday night’s game. The Cardinals cruised to a 13-3 victory, meaning the fight in the outfield bleachers was the talk of the night in Chicago.

It’s unclear why the altercation unfolded. But when the two involved got into it, one individual fell head-over-heels down multiple rows of the bleachers. He got up rather quickly and any injuries didn’t appear to be too severe.

Below is the video of Tuesday night’s incident:

Per TMZ Sports, only one arrest was made at Wrigley Field during Tuesday night’s game. However, it didn’t sound like that incident had any relation to the brouhaha that unfolded among the “Bleacher Bums.”

After seeing that video, it’s safe to say that fans are putting up a stronger fight than the Cubs in 2022.

Cubs Have Problems Away from Wrigley Field

Let’s clarify that sub-header, shall we? The Cubs are struggling on the diamond — regardless of location. But the club seems to be finding trouble with fans in stadiums, as well.

The Wrigley Field brawl comes a week after an issue arose during Chicago’s visit to the nation’s capital to play the Washington Nationals. It was catcher Willson Contreras who ran into a problem during the road trip.

Contreras got heated over a fan heckling him in the 10th inning of an extra innings contest. Two fans were tossed from the ballpark and have been banned from Nationals Park for the next five years as a result of their actions.

After the game, Contreras didn’t provide specifics on the incident. All the catcher said about the remarks were that they “were not right,” and “not healthy.”