WATCH: Wild Brawl Breaks Out at Petco Park During Padres-Giants Game

by Dustin Schutte

Irresponsible adults continue to ruin the fun of going to a live sporting event. This time, an incident unfolded at Petco Park during Monday night’s game between the San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres.

Four unruly fans got into some sort of scuffle during Monday’s game. One individual attempted to kick another down the stairs and things escalated pretty quickly from that point forward.

Security finally jumped in to break up the fight among fans after things got violent. TMZ Sports captured video of the altercation between the fans:

According to TMZ, two of the individuals in the fight were escorted out of the stadium. The Padres were not made away of the situation until after it had been broken up.

Have you noticed a theme this summer? It seems like major fights are breaking out at MLB stadiums across the country each and every week. Just a few days ago, Mets and Braves fans got into it at Citi Field.

Trouble even unfolded in the stadium during this year’s MLB All-Star Home Run Derby.

Kids Showing More Maturity Than Adults

There’s way too much fighting happening among adults at MLB stadiums. Monday night’s scuffle at Petco Park proved to be another perfect example of stupidity at its finest.

Want some positive vibes to restore your faith in humanity? Look no further than the Little League World Series. A true display of sportsmanship was in full force on the diamond.

In the bottom of the first inning, Texas East pitcher Kaiden Shelton hit Oklahoma hitter Isaiah Jarvis in the head with an errant pitch. The helmet caught the brunt of action, thankfully, but the pitch still left Jarvis shaken up.

When Jarvis got to first base, he could see Shelton was visibly shaken by the scary moment. So, he walked over to the mound in the middle of the game to share some encouraging thoughts.

That’s a pretty awesome moment. It’s what youth sports are all about. It should be what all sports are about, to be honest. But, you know, adults have zero chill at MLB games these days.