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Wild Brawl During LSU-Ole Miss Leads To Legendary ‘Hold My Costas’ Quote

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin Langley/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Ah, autumn. The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing color, and college kids at Ole Miss are fighting at a college football game. Is there anything better than a weekend in October?

Ole Miss has had a sneaky good season so far. The only blemish on Lane Kiffin’s record this season is that beating the Rebels took from Alabama. His comments pregame didn’t help either. However, Ole Miss has beaten the teams they should beat and are now No.10 in the country.

While they were in the middle of a 31-17 thumping of the deflated LSU Tigers, things got exciting in the stands. It isn’t every day that there is action away from the game worth paying attention to. It seems that a group of young Tigers and Rebels fans got into a scrap. Watch the flurry of khaki, sports blazers, and most importantly, “Hold my Costas.”

Unfortunately, things got a little too intense in the stands. There’s no point fighting at a college football game. Most of the time, you get put on video and none of these guys look like experienced brawlers. If you are wearing penny loafers to the game, probably not a great idea to start throwing punches.

On the field, Coach O and his last LSU team ever are seemingly headed for a 6-6 record if they are lucky. Three of their final four games are at home. However, a meeting with No.3 Alabama on November 6 followed by Arkansas, LA-Monroe, and Texas A&M will not be easy. They could go 1-3 in those games and miss bowl eligibility.

As for Ole Miss, they continue to win games. While chances are very slim at an SEC West title, a New Year’s Six bowl is possible!

Ole Miss Trails Alabama in the SEC West

Right now, the Ole Miss Rebels are doing what they can do to control their own destiny. However, with their loss to Alabama, things are a little funky. They are going to have to hope that Bama drops one of their last four games. The Tide takes on LSU, New Mexico State, Arkansas, and Auburn to finish the year.

While things don’t look great for Ole Miss, crazier things have happened. You could argue that Ole Miss has an easier path to finishing the regular season 11-1. However, they will have to beat Liberty, No.14 Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, and Mississippi State. That should be three games that the Rebels have no issue with. The Aggies will be a challenge and a rivalry game with the Bulldogs is never an easy challenge.

For the time being, Ole Miss is heading into a Bye Week. When they come back they will take on Liberty at home. Kiffin and company are going to have their popcorn ready, that’s for sure.