Will Tiger Woods Play the 2022 Masters? Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis Says He’ll ‘Exhaust Every Effort’ to Compete

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Could we really see Tiger Woods compete in the 2022 Masters? Well, we know Woods arrived in Augusta this week. With his arrival, folks immediately began speculating as to whether or not the former five-time champ of the course would be making a go of it next weekend. Well, we do know he got there early to work through some practice rounds to see where he’s at physically. Woods has not competed in a tournament since his car accident back in February of 2021. However, Tiger Woods competing in the 2022 Masters remains a real possibility.

The Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis weighed in on Tiger Watch this week. He tweeted, “This is a critical week for (Woods) to see if his body can sustain 72 holes at Augusta National. He will exhaust every effort to play The Masters.” It’s about whether or not Woods’ body is up for the rigor of 72 holes at the famed course. We won’t know for sure with Woods for a bit as he spends the week working towards that very goal. He wants to play, clearly, with the way in which Lewis described his week ahead.

Tiger Woods in February of This Year

Woods spoke with CBS analyst Jim Nantz and said, “I don’t know.” He continued, “I can hit balls. The hard part is actually walking; that’s going to take some time. I’m going to have to put in the time and effort at home and do all the beach walks and walk golf courses.” The hardest part for Woods to compete in The Masters next weekend might not be the actual playing of golf. It might simply be if Woods can walk that much due to the injuries he sustained back in February of 2021.

He added, “It’s very easy at Medalist to hop in a cart and whip around and play a quick 18 or 36. It’s a little different deal than being out here with these guys and walk up and down the hills. The ankle mobility, over time the ankle swells, foot swells, leg swells. That’s just time.” Without the walking aspect, Woods’ words indicate that he could play without question. It’s the hills. It’s the walking around over 72 holes that remains the main problem for Woods.

Woods Competes with Son at PNC Championship

Still, Woods has been able to compete a little bit. Woods got to play golf with his son Charlie just a few months prior. He said of the time, “The fact that I’m able to have this opportunity this year — even a couple of weeks ago we didn’t know whether or not I would be doing this.” It was a delightful time for him to spend with his son and he relished it. He concluded, “But here we are. And we had just the best time ever.”