Willie Robertson on His Dad Starting at QB Over Terry Bradshaw: Exclusive

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Noam Galai/WireImage

We’ve got a treat for all of you Outsiders out there. The Marty Smith Podcast is back with none other than Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson.

Outsider’s very own Marty Smith sat down with Robertson to talk about how his dad, Phil Robertson, used to start at quarterback over Terry Bradshaw at Louisiana Tech University.

“I thought it was amazing that your dad gave up the game of football,” Smith says in the podcast. “I want you to get into how talented your father Phil was as a quarterback. But he bounced from all that because all he wanted to do was have anonymity and live in the woods. And then the next thing you know he’s the most famous son of a gun on the face of the Earth.”

Willie Robertson then walks us through exactly what happened at Louisiana Tech with his dad.

“You know he rarely talks about any of that. He’s such a unique person — he’s not the guy that goes, ‘Back when I was playing…’— none of that. So, you really have to pull it from him.”

So, Willie explained that he had to pry the information from his dad himself. He asked him one night why he didn’t want to keep pursuing football.

“He said, ‘Well, I didn’t have that jock mentality. I used it to get my education.'”

Willie says that was his father’s main goal — was to get his education. And that’s exactly what he did. He went on to get his Master’s Degree. But as far as football is concerned, he just wasn’t that into it.

But just how good was Phil Robertson at playing quarterback?

“What’s crazy is Bradshaw was the number one pick and just think about that for a second. The number one pick in college football. And he was starting ahead of him. Obviously, I wasn’t there. But you gotta be pretty good to start ahead of the guy that was gonna go number one.”

“He would say, ‘Yeah, I had a quick release.'”

Willie Robertson Didn’t Like Terry Bradshaw at First

That’s right, it turns out that Willie Robertson wasn’t a big fan of Terry Bradshaw in the beginning. He explained as much in the most recent episode of The Marty Smith Podcast on Outsider.

“We didn’t like Terry Bradshaw. We didn’t like him because he kind of poked fun at Phil in his book. He said he would show up with squirrel guts in his pocket, and was kind of making fun.”

Because of all that, Willie Robertson and the rest of the family didn’t care too much for Bradshaw. And besides, they liked the Dallas Cowboys more than they liked the Steelers. But all of that would quickly change when they had a run-in with Bradshaw at Los Angeles International Airport.

“This man has picked up Phil from behind and it’s Terry Bradshaw at the airport. They hadn’t seen each other since college.”

Robertson said that the conversation they had was “amazing.”

“They started talking football. It was a pretty cool deal to see them two catch up. Later on, they went to a game together. But Terry says that if Phil was to stay with it, he might not have ever seen the light of day.”