World Cup 2022 Reporter Robbed on Live TV

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Sebastian Frej/MB Media/Getty Images)

A female reporter covering the World Cup in Qatar alleges that she was robbed while on live television. It happened while she was attempting to have a fun moment with the soccer crowd outside the stadium.

Dominique Metzger, an Argentinian reporter, claims that her items were stolen while dancing with a crowd during a live report. She said she didn’t notice the theft until she attempted to purchase a water bottle later.

“I had my small bag on me with all the things that one needs, my wallet, the keys to our hotel room …” Metzger said on television, per Daily Mail. “I was dancing with the crowd and I’m convinced that it was at that moment when someone opened the bag zipper and took my wallet.

“After I finish my live report, I wanted to take my wallet to buy a water bottle and then I realized I didn’t have it.”

Qatar has attempted to clamp down on crime during the World Cup by installing several cameras and heavily monitoring crowds. Unfortunately, it didn’t appear to work in this situation.

More Problems in Qatar for World Cup

The World Cup’s arrival in Qatar has been fueled by controversy. A reporter getting robbed on live air is just the latest example of the troubles.

While this isn’t on the same scale as a robbery, Qatar backpedaled on its alcohol stance just days before the start of the event. That’s after FIFA locked up a major sponsorship from Budweiser. Alcohol and beer will not be sold at the eight stadiums hosting World Cup games.

When Qatar secured a bid for the World Cup in 2022, it worked with FIFA on alcohol sales. All of that went out the window days before the start of the event, though.