WATCH: World’s Most Fearless Pigeon Tempts Fate During Formula 2 Race

by Dustin Schutte

Why did the pigeon cross the road? Nope, that’s not the setup to some lame joke, it’s a legitimate question we’re asking. One fearless bird tempted fate during a recent Formula 2 race in the Netherlands, earning plenty of admiration from sports fans across the globe.

During a race on Sunday, the bravest pigeon the world has ever seen tempted fate by crossing the track as cars whizzed past. He never flinched or changed direction. This little guy’s mind was made up — he was getting to the other side of the track.

At times, it seemed like the pigeon got a little too close for comfort. Nothing could intimidate this bird, though, not even the roaring engines of Formula 2 cars.

At the time of this post, the bird had not been reached for comment. We assume he was too busy doing whatever the hell he wanted after conquering these death-defying odds.

In all seriousness, that’s a pretty courageous bird. Most fly off when these cars pass by. This pigeon stood his ground and finally got to the other side of the track.

From Fearless Pigeons to a Chicken Named “The General”

While we’re on the subject of birds in sports, how about the University of South Carolina finally settling on a new name for its rooster mascot? Several names were under consideration, but the school finally settled on “The General.”

The school had to change the bird’s name, “Sir Big Spur,” following a dispute with the original owners. Among other options in consideration were “Cluck Norris,” and “Cock Commander.”

We won’t lie, it’s slightly disappointing the school settled on “The General.” But, that name does have ties to the university, which pays homage to Revolutionary War General Thomas Sumter.

“We know Gamecock fans are passionate about our traditions and seeing the live mascot at games and other athletics events is something they look forward to,” South Carolina marketing director Eric Nichols told The State. “When we realized that we would have to change his name to keep that tradition alive, it seemed fitting to go back to where ‘Gamecocks’ got started.”

The rooster’s new name came just in time for the start of the 2022 college football season. He’s already bringing good luck, as the Gamecocks defeated Georgia State 35-14 on Saturday.