Wounded Marine Veteran Stands at NHL Playoff Game for National Anthem: ‘If I’m Able, I Will Stand’

by Samantha Whidden

Honoring the flag, no matter what. Wounded marine veteran, Lt. Col. Ty Edwards reveals to Fox News Fox and Friends that he managed to stand in respect for the flag during game two of the NHL’s Stanley Cup finals last Wednesday (June 30th). 

During the interview, Edwards, who is a 20-year veteran, reveals that he was shot and wounded while deployed in Afghanistan. Ty explains that he stood proudly while using a cane for support and he’s honored to be recognized by the Tampa Bay Lightning. “I’m just extremely grateful and honored,” Edwards tells Pete Hegseth, co-host of Fox and Friends and fellow veteran. 

Edwards then says he can’t help but think about the men who saved his life when the anthem played at the NHL game. “I’m extremely grateful to them,” he says. “ I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them.”

Ty goes on to add, “If I’m able, I will stand. Because I remember those that served alongside me and lost their life.”

NHL Islander Fans Help Singer Nicole Raviv Sing National Anthem

Earlier this month, fans of NHL’s New York Islanders helped singer Nicole Raviv sing the national anthem prior to Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Second Round last month. The Islanders and Boston Bruins were playing at the Nassau Coliseum. 

According to the NHL, Raviv regularly performs the national anthem prior to Islanders games but was dealing with some technical difficulties during her performance. A total of 12,000 fans helped her out. 

#isles fans are heroes,” Raviv shares on Twitter.“This is more anthem footage from the most memorable performance. Gona miss this barn…”

Shannon Hogan, a sportscaster that covers the NHL Islanders, also tweeted at the time she didn’t think Nicole Ravivi could sing the anthem any better than she normally does at the games, but having the fans sing with her was “something really special. Raviv responds to the Twitter post by stating, “I’m not crying, you’re crying.”

Raviv also spoke to the New York Post about the experience. “It was very unique. Not everyone can experience something like that.” She also explains that last year, she started to sing not in front of fans, so it was like things were getting back to normal. 

Raviv became the NHL team’s anthem singer prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. She states that she has sung the anthem for many sporting events, but this event was considered unique to her. “I never felt a crowd like that,” she says. “ It was an amazing moment for me and everyone who was there.”

Nicole then notes that she and the team will definitely try to involve the NHL fans as much as they can and make it a “collective” experience.