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WrestleMania Sign Melts During Ronda Rousey’s Match, Fans Evacuated

by Samantha Whidden
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - OCTOBER 03: A replica of Ronda Rousey's WWE Raw women's championship belt is displayed in the Wrestling Revolution booth during Unicon 2021 at the World Market Center on October 03, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

After Ronda Rousey officially won the Women’s WWE Royal Rumble match, wrestling fans were evacuated when the WrestleMania sign reportedly caught on fire. 

According to The Sun, those attending WrestleMania began to notice the sign being “slightly on fire” following Ronda Rousey’s big win. The sign appeared to start melting and it was lowered as it caught on fire.

Wrestling commenter Bryan Alvarez tweeted an update about the situation. “A Section had to be evacuated after pyro set the WrestleMania sign on fire.”

Despite the chaos caused by the WrestleMania sign incident, wrestlers continued in the ring. Irish wrestler, Becky Lynch, shared a snapshot of herself on Twitter and wrote, “So hot I set the WrestleMania sign on fire.”

However, some fans were not able to see the matches because Wrestlemania workers extinguished the blaze after lowering the sign. It blocked the fans from seeing the ring.

The Sun also stated that no one was reportedly hurt during the incident. 

Ronda Rousey Shares Her Thoughts About Winning WrestleMania Royal Rumble Match

Following the exciting events, Ronda Rousey took to her Instagram to share her thoughts about her WrestleMania Royal Rumble win. “I just had a baby 4 months ago… Since the day I found out I was pregnant and calculated my due date, I knew I wanted to return to the WWE at the Royal Rumble 2022.”

Rousey goes on to describe her journey to WrestleMania Royal Rumble. “Two weeks, even two months postpartum that goal seemed crazier than ever before. But I just missed it so much… And I so badly wanted to give Pō the same example that my mom gave to me and my sisters – she never broke stride following her dreams while having us. Now it’s my turn.”

Rousey also spoke to WWE’s Sarah Schreiber backstage of WrestleMania Royal Rumble about her surprise return to the ring. After Schreiber said that her win following her surprise return was quite a statement, Rousey replied, “Yeah it is. I mean, it’s the statement I wanted to make. I don’t know, that wasn’t a question at all. That was a statement.”

When asked about her reaction to the exciting moment, Rousey answered, “I’m going to go back to my bus and love on my little baby. And that’s really the only thing I care about right now. My priorities have changed.”

While revealing why she decided to make her big return at WrestleMania Royal Rumble, Rousey said, “Because it’s the Royal Rumble. And I’ve always wanted to come out and win the Royal Rumble. What do you mean why tonight? What other night could be better?”

Rousey went on to add that there was quite a reaction to her return.