WWE Brings In Massive Ratings for Wrestlemania 37

by Will Shepard

For the first time since March 2020, the WWE brought fans back to an event. On April 10 and 11, WrestleMania 37 took over the city of Tampa, Florida. For all intents and purposes, it was a massive success.

Even though the stadium had a capped capacity, there were still a lot of WWE fans in attendance. Over the course of two nights, 51,350 fans showed up. Of course, the regulations were strict for fans, but it meant that the event went off without any major hitch.

Most importantly for the WWE, WrestleMania 37 brought in a record number of views. Through all of the social media outlets, there were 1.1 billion views of the event. Consequently, this is a 14% rise from previous years. But, the numbers don’t stop there.

In fact, there were over 115 million people engaged with WrestleMania 37 on their social media. This equates to a rise of 105%. The WWE event also trended on Twitter 71 times during the weekend. Perhaps best of all for the company, the sales inside the building are said to be the highest ever.

WrestleMania 37 Was an Incredible Success for the WWE

After the event, Nick Khan spoke with Variety about the event. He is the president and chief revenue officer for the WWE.

“If it could be done [safely], we had to get it done. And I think ultimately, thanks to the great work of all the folks here, we were able to get it done,” Khan said. “If you recall, WrestleMania last year was two to three weeks into the pandemic. We had to cancel last minute, and we did it from a studio. It was certainly a different experience. So we wanted to make sure that the fans and the people watching at home got the WWE experience that they’re used to on the biggest event that we have.”

When compared to last year, this WWE event was incredible. However, WrestleMania 36 did not get to happen as the company wanted it to. Because of the pandemic, the event went off without any fans in attendance. This year, however, Florida had lifted many of its COVID restrictions. Consequently, WrestleMania 37 could almost return to its regular fashion.

Where Does the Company Go From Here?

Even though this past WWE event was so successful, the company hasn’t announced its next venue yet. There is still plenty of time left to make a decision, though.

During the same interview, Khan spoke about the possibility of the next event.

“Any plans? Yes. Any plans we can share? Stay tuned. But just know that once we’re back on the road, we’re on the road full time,” Khan stated. “We’re not looking to do other one-offs. Again, this was WrestleMania. And we felt it needed to be done for the fans. So look for news coming soon.”

Because the event is so important for the WWE, they felt that this was an appropriate step. Undoubtedly the company as a whole needed the revenue, so they cashed in. Perhaps this is the only in-person event until the next WrestleMania. Nonetheless, keep an eye on the news for any updates surrounding the next event.