WWE Legend ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan Announces Surgery for Prostate Cancer ‘Went as Planned’

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images)

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan is recovering following prostate cancer surgery on Friday. The former WWE superstar stunned fans earlier this week when he announced doctors diagnosed him with the disease, and that he’d need surgery.

His wife of 32 years, Debra, shared a photo of Duggan in his hospital bed at the Medical University of South Carolina Hospital following the operation.

“Jim’s surgery went as planned,” she wrote. “Thank you for your prayers, good vibes, and well wishes. Please continue them as he continues to heal.”

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan alerted fans to his diagnosis on Thursday in an Instagram video.

“I’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and I’m having my surgery tomorrow,” he said, according to The Daily Mail. He added that he and Debra “have been living with it and getting ready.” Though, it’s unclear when doctors made the diagnosis. He asked for fans to keep him in their thoughts.

“But the reality is here. I’m going to Charleston tomorrow for my cancer surgery,” he added. “So folks I know you’ve been thinking and praying for me with this last surgery, but please think of me this Friday as I go into my cancer surgery down in Charleston.”

The wrestling world wished him well before his surgery.

“Love you, my brother, praying for only perfect health,” Hulk Hogan wrote.

“Love you Hacksaw!!!” Chavo Guerrero Jr. replied to the post.

“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase asked fans to submit get-well messages for Hacksaw online.

He had emergency surgery on Oct. 20, but it’s unclear if it was related to his cancer, Yahoo noted.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan Has Battled Health Conditions for Years

The 67-year-old wrestling icon has had serious health conditions in recent years, TMZ noted.

A heart condition landed him in the ICU in 2018. Luckily, doctors caught it early, and they were able to save him from any serious complications such as a stroke or blood clot.

“My main concern, I have 2 daughters and my wife, I just wanted to survive it,” he told TMZ at the time. “Thankfully, it looks like I’ll be able to.”

Hacksaw joined professional wrestling in the late 1970s but didn’t make a major splash in WWF until 1987’s Wrestlemania III. After that, he became one of the sport’s most beloved wrestlers with his “hooooo!” scream and 2×4. He often waved the American flag in the ring and started chants of “U-S-A” at wrestling events.

Duggan eventually left for WCW where he won the U.S. Heavyweight Championship and World Television Championship. He worked at TNA wrestling after WCW went bust and returned to WWE in a limited capacity later on. He last appeared in the ring in 2012.

Ted Dibiase inducted Hacksaw Jim Duggan into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011.