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WWE Releases Ric Flair After Wrestling Legend Requests His Release: Report

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images)

Ric Flair is a living legend. In fact, many would say that he is the greatest pro wrestler to ever step in the ring. He proved his greatness in front of rabid wrestling fans for almost forty years. Over the course of those four decades, the Nature Boy was the face of both the WWE and WCW. However, most of his career was spent with WCW where he hefted many gold belts. His time in the WWE earned him two inductions into the promotion’s Hall of Fame. One of those was for his solo career the other was for his part in the iconic stable, The Four Horsemen. Flair officially retired from in-ring action in 2012. However, re-signed to the WWE last year. Monday, the promotion released Flair from his contract.

Since his retirement, Ric Flair has appeared on several WWE broadcasts. In fact, he was involved in a storyline with his daughter Charolette and Lacey Evans. That storyline had him romantically involved with Evans, who is decades younger than Flair. Everyone involved was unhappy with the arrangement. Fortunately, that came to an end when Evans and her husband conceived a child.

At this moment, it is unclear why Ric Flair asked to be released from WWE. However, it is possible that the aforementioned storyline played some part in his desire to leave. What we do know, thanks to Wrestling Inc., is that Flair contacted Vince McMahon personally and asked to be released. McMahon let Flair leave the promotion.

Ric Flair is the Second Superstar to Leave WWE Recently

Ric Flair is the second superstar to exit WWE in the past few days. On Saturday, the company announced that they had released Bray Wyatt. Before his release, Wyatt was one of the most popular personalities in WWE programming. His “Fiend” character was a fan favorite. At the same time, his dark image rubbed off on Alexa Bliss. Fans speculated that the two superstars would form some kind of partnership at the time. Now, however, fans are left wondering what Wyatt plans to do after parting ways with WWE.

At the same time, Ric Flair’s exit from the company is going to bring about its own questions. Chief among those is his reason for leaving. After a long and spectacular career with the company, his departure is curious. However, his daughter is still an active member of the roster. So, it is possible that the Nature Boy is just ready to retire.

One thing is for certain. It will be a long time before the WWE sees another champion like Ric Flair. Sure, others may win more titles. However, none will ever come close to topping his charisma or in-ring character.