WWE’s Vince McMahon Net Worth Revealed

by Patrick Norton

Look up the definition of “showman” in the dictionary and you find a picture of entertainment mogul Vince McMahon. The former CEO and chairman of the WWE riles up crowds in sold out buildings on a regular basis. And after decades of owning the world’s wrestling empire, the 76-year-old’s wallet is bursting at the seams.

Playing the exhaustive role of the arrogant, corporate-driven tyrant for the crowd requires dedication. That dedication has earned McMahon quite the pay-off in his lifetime. According to Forbes.com, McMahon’s net worth lands around $2.3 billion – good enough for No. 1280 on the list of wealthiest people in the world.

Originally a play-by-play man for his father’s wrestling company, the billionaire purchased the business in 1982. Since his investment and rapid monopolization of the entertainment wrestling industry, McMahon’s growing worth led to some unsavory investments.

WWE’s sporty spin-off of football, the XFL folded after one season in 2001. The league attempted a comeback in 2020. However, due to difficult logistics created by COVID-19, the XFL closed its doors for a second time. After the failed venture filed for bankruptcy in 2020, former WWE superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson purchased the rights. Additionally, the league makes its third comeback next summer.

Vince McMahon’s No. 1 Ranking Venture Is Still His First Love

The 76-year-old’s main priority remains the WWE, even after stepping down as chairman amid sexual misconduct claims. McMahon relinquished company duties a month ago to Stephanie McMahon – his daughter and notable WWE representative. However, the announcement of the investigation didn’t originally force McMahon from the scene.

The claims against McMahon first became public when the company announced it would investigate a secret $3.5 million payment from McMahon to a paralegal in exchange for silence pertaining to an affair. However, a report from the Wall Street Journal suggests McMahon is responsible for multiple settlements, costing more than $12 million total.

The findings detail claims that McMahon coerced sexual acts from one company employee, and sent explicit images to another.

McMahon’s future with the WWE depends on the result of the board’s investigation into the misconduct. Regardless of his diminished role within the company, at 76-years-old, the greatest showman’s time with WWE could be coming to an end in the nearer-than-expected future.