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XFL Championship game delayed after photographer was seriously injured in brutal collision out-of-bounds

by Wade Peery
(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

The XFL Championship Game was delayed on Saturday night. The delay occurred after a photographer on the sidelines was involved in a scary collision with D.C. Defenders’ receiver Josh Hammond. The photographer’s name is Tony Morano, according to social media reports online. They brought out the medical cart and he received medical attention.

Check out the video below.

ABC and ESPN+ are televising Saturday night’s game.

These kinds of things happen quite often in the game of football.

Quite frankly, it’s pretty surprising that there isn’t more distance between the field of play and photographers and other media. The collision on Saturday night was a clearly an accident and nobody was truly at fault. But teams on every level of football should have a bigger spatial barrier between sideline personnel and the field of play.

Accidents are going to happen no matter what. But, it simply doesn’t make any sort of sense to have personnel as close to the field of play as they have been. It’s extremely dangerous for players and the sideline personnel.

The XFL Championship Game is between the D.C. Defenders and the Arlington Renegades

The Arlington Renegades and the D.C. Defenders are playing in Saturday night’s XFL Championship Game. Quarterback Luis Perez is the leader for the Arlington Renegades. He led Texas A&M Commerce to a Division II National Championship in 2017.

Arlington led D.C. late in the third quarter 32-20. The Renegades took a double-digit lead after Leddie Brown hauled in a 30-yard touchdown catch to end the third quarter.

The D.C. Defenders have been one of the best teams in the XFL this year, entering Saturday night with a 10-1 overall record.

The Rock has been in charge of the new league and they’ve put a quality product on the field. That’s for certain. It is just incredibly difficult for these startup football leagues to survive long term. Without direct assistance from the National Football League, many leagues have come and gone over the years. That’s just the reality of the business. The television ratings for the startup league have been disappointing.

That being said, the league has put an excellent product on the field in 2023. And the fans have been highly entertaining. The D.C. Defenders fans’ brought a beer snake to Saturday night’s championship game. Personnel at the Alamodome (San Antonio, Texas) did not allow the beer snake in the stadium, unfortunately.

The XFL has done an excellent job of showing fans the behind the scenes of officiating. They’ve also given fans a great look behind the curtain listening to play calls at times. Everybody involved in the league should pat themselves on the back. They’ve done about as good of a job as you can possibly do.