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LOOK: XFL Unveils Uniforms for Every Team, Internet is Divided

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

The XFL is on its way back … again. The professional football league will be making its return for a third time in February, with fans excited about the opportunity to see the sport continue when the NFL season ends.

Before the first kickoff, though, the league wanted to show off its uniforms for all eight teams. The XFL has an exclusive partnership with Under Armour and revealed the uniforms for every team on Wednesday.

People on social media had mixed reactions to the new threads. Some seemed to be more popular than others. But before diving into the reactions, here’s a look at the video released, which highlights all eight uniforms.

One individual on Twitter didn’t seem too impressed by the new look, saying, “Madden expansion team jerseys.” Another social media user seemed frustrated, saying, “The Uniforms, Logos, and Team Names are a big downgrade from the 2020 season. There was no logical reason to change them other than to ‘be different.'”

On the flip side, some football fans really enjoy the fresh threads. One Twitter user said, “Under Armour, you did well with all the uniforms!! Well done!!” Another chimed in, “Better than the NFL.”

So, the verdict is still out on the new uniforms for the XFL. How do you feel about them, Outsiders?

XFL Makes Another Return

February’s kickoff of the XFL will mark the third time the professional football league has launched. It first launched in 2001 but found little success, shutting down pretty quickly.

Then, the league re-launched in 2020 with a little more excitement than two decades earlier. However, the COVID-19 pandemic shut the XFL down after just five weeks. Now, the league is hoping for a much more successful run.

Run by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dany Garcia, the XFL has inked a deal with ESPN. The network will air all games from 2023-27, according to a release from May.

The 43 games of each season will air across ABC, ESPN and FX. We’ll see if this major media rights deal helps the XFL stick around a little bit longer this time.