WATCH: Yankee Stadium Cameras Show Fan Getting a ‘Haircut’ During Yankees-Rays Game

by Patrick Norton

‘Fan Cam’ often provides an odd glimpse into the intricacies of the livelihoods of MLB fans. Whether it comes through slo-mo clips of folks chowing down on a messily made hot dog, or fans dressed up on a theme night, it’s a good middle-inning filler for the crowd. But one instance at Yankee Stadium certainly piqued the interest of everybody in the ballpark.

In the midst of the team’s worst stretch since 2005, fans have turned their attention from the on-field product to hair product. The Yes Network’s Tuesday night broadcast picked up a man wielding a spray bottle and comb with a customer in the row in front. The patron appears dressed in the barber’s cape getting a slight trim to his lengthy flow.

Jomboy Media’s Twitter page circulated the clip with a dig at the Yankees’ recent performance. The New York based company wrote, “The Yankees are so tough to watch right now that the fans have turned the bleachers into a barbershop.”

The quick cut certainly provided an entertaining escape from the dismal performance on the field below. With the loss, New York dropped a fifth straight series for the first time since 2005. However, even in the midst of the rough stretch, the Bronx Bombers still possess a nine-game lead over the second-place Tampa Bay Rays in the AL East.

Meanwhile, broadcasters jest that the bleacher barber might lack proper certification. Regardless, it’s an odd sight at the home of one of baseball’s most historic franchises.

Baseball’s Greatest Oddities Stretch Further than Yankee Stadium

While the Yankees certainly take the cake regarding fan-demonium in the major leagues, the minor leagues forever make valiant efforts for the crown. The Rocket City Trash Pandas – the Double-A of the Los Angeles Angels – caused quite the stir with a postgame fireworks show. Engineers of the show mistakenly sent a firecracker into the stands.

The incident caused a moment of hysteria as fans pondered if an attack on the Trash Pandas was underway. However, officials and the fire department on stand-by quickly fixed the issue. But one fan required transport to the hospital for injuries sustained attempting to dodge the rogue explosive.

But the mishap for Rocket City or the haircut at Yankee Stadium don’t hold a candle to the Eugene Emeralds’ efforts to raise awareness for men’s prostate health. Speaking of candles, this story could probably use one. The minor league affiliate of the San Francisco Giants ended June on an extremely high note.

Allan Benavides – the team’s general manager – performed the seventh-inning stretch with a twist. Benavides received a prostate exam from a suite in the stadium while singing. The gimmick certainly raised plenty of eyebrows, but for a good cause, brought plenty of positive attention to the team.