WATCH: Yankees Fan Turns Perfectly Good Hot Dog into Savory Beer Straw

by Dustin Schutte

Is there a better summertime combination than beer, hot dogs and baseball? The answer, of course, is no. That trio of perfection basically screams America. But believe it or not, one New York Yankees fan tried to ruin this elite combo.

A video posted to Instagram this week shows a fan wearing a Yankees hat hollowing out a bun-less hot dog, submerging it into his delicious, ice-cold beer, and using it as a straw. Basically, he ruined everything.

Below is the video, which has gone viral on multiple platforms:

Please, tell me this is some sort of sick joke. Nobody ruins this American classic combination this way, right? It just seems so wrong.

Look, if you’re heading to a baseball game as summer winds down, I encourage you to enjoy this stellar combo (assuming you’re over 21). Put ketchup and mustard on your dog if you like. Just, please, don’t use it as a straw for your brew.

We don’t need to see that ever again.

Beer and Hot Dogs Have Been a Problem Across the MLB This Year

Want to hear something crazy? The Yankee fan using his hot dog as a beer straw might not even be the most ridiculous thing we’ve seen involving the food-and-beverage combination this MLB season.

Earlier this year, Great American Ballpark ran out of both during its 3-2-1 promotion. The sweet deal ($3 beer, $2 hot dogs, $1 ice cream cup), brought even the most distraught Cincinnati Reds fans through the gates.

But the stadium ran into a problem in the fourth inning of an early-season game. It ran out of suds and tube steaks. As if Cincinnati fans weren’t going through enough agony this season.

As much as I hate seeing someone use a hot dog as a beer straw at least the stadium still offered both. As disgusting as it looks, it’s better than sitting at a game empty-handed.