‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Says He’s Ready to ‘Do It Again’ With MLB’s ‘Field of Dreams’ Game

by Madison Miller

Kevin Costner is reliving his “Field of Dreams” iconic past. He’s even an example of the famous line, “If you build it, he will come.”

In this case, there is a new frenzy and excitement coming from the field used in the 1989 “Field of Dreams” movie. It’s certainly enough to do it all over again soon.

Costner Wants More MLB ‘Field of Dreams’ Time

The field in Dyersville, Iowa, was recently used for an MLB game between the Yankees and the White Sox on August 12. It was a precious and standout moment in 2021. It was the first time a professional baseball game used the field, which was originally created for the movie and has since become a massive tourist attraction.

Costner was heavily involved in everything to do with the recent game. He even took to Instagram today to write that he “had a blast” and ended his statement with “let’s do it again this weekend?”

Fans situated themselves in a temporary stadium placed near the field. It could hold 8,000 people. Many nods to the iconic ’80s films are a part of the MLB game day. One of the most notable was when Costner himself threw out that first pitch to start the game off.

Another nod to “Field of Dreams” is when Costner is followed out of the cornfield by players from both teams, just like the Ray Kinsella character, at the start of the game. The music from the film was playing, throwback uniforms were on the athletes, and it all seemed like a supernatural moment straight out of the film.

Now, it’s likely one of the most unforgettable entrances to a sporting event in history. It’s a moment baseball fans will likely never forget either.

It’s no surprise Costner adores his experience. It mixes everything he loves — “Field of Dreams,” movies about baseball, playing baseball, watching baseball, etc. He told FOX Sports, “I felt like it was perfect.”

It’s a movie that Costner loved making too. He once said to Entertainment Weekly that he considers it “our generation’s ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.'”

Kevin Costner and Alex Rodriguez

Kevin Costner spent part of the time at the “Field of Dreams” game hanging out with Alex Rodriguez.

He is a retired New York Yankees star that was present in Dyersville for the game. Rodriguez even posed with Costner and called “Field of Dreams” his top Costner movie of all time.

“So much fun hanging out with Kevin Costner on our set at The Field of Dreams yesterday,” Rodriguez wrote on Instagram. He was there to witness his former team fall short to the White Sox.

It has since been confirmed that another game will take place at the “Field of Dreams” stadium. It won’t be next weekend like Costner wants, however. Instead, it will be in 2022.

“I think the reception that this has received has been so positive that we will be back,” MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said, according to People.