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YES Network Unknowingly Airs Pregame for College Basketball Game, Broadcasts Cringey Conversation

by Jonathan Howard
Boston College head basketball coach Earl Grant during game
(Photo by Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Sometimes a hot sports mic can be funny, and other times it can be downright embarrassing. College basketball announcers for YES Network found out. Boston College and Notre Dame were getting ready to play in South Bend. But the warmup convo got weird.

As the camera panned over the warmups and then locked in above the BC basket, we could hear everything the broadcast crew was saying. It was over the YES Network as well as other networks that were broadcasting the same feed.

While no one said anything too outlandish, we did get a Polish/Holland joke and a lot of awkward banter between everyone involved. As the balls clanked off the rim, like each punch line delivered, it felt like it would never end.

It is almost like something out of a skit show. The folks at SNL couldn’t write something better and more cringe-inducing. It would all be hilarious if it were made up, unfortunately, viewers had to endure the corner humor.

Thankfully, this game had some moments that made it all worth watching. Even with the losing records of both teams this season, they managed to put on a good display.

College Basketball Announcer Cringe Can’t Ruin BC-ND Game

We saw three great offensive performances today from the Boston College and Notre Dame game. The Eagles came into South Bend on a mission. Neither of these teams have been great this season. However, they managed to put up 156 combined points.

Quinten Post, the properly named forward for the Eagles, had a great game. The kind that you usually see out of guys like Oscar Tshiebwe. 29 points and 14 rebounds led all players in both categories.

Notre Dame forward Nate Laszewski also had a major day. He tied Post with 29 points. He also had 7 rebounds and 3 assists. While the Fighting Irish had a trio of double-digit scorers, Boston College had a better all-around performance.

20 points and 7 assists from Makai Ashton-Langford really helped push BC to the victory.