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You Can Be Buried Like NASCAR Royalty in This No. 3 Dale Earnhardt Monte Carlo Casket

by Brianna Vacca
(Photo by Robert Alexander/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

Are you a die-hard NASCAR fan? Well good! If your excitement over NASCAR ever ends up killing you, you can be buried like a NASCAR royalty in a No. 3 Dale Earnhardt Monte Carlo Casket.

Now, this news is rather somber, but if you have ever wondered if you can buy a NASCAR casket when the time comes, you can. Is it you? Are you Dale Earnhardt’s No. 1 fan of all time? Call up Joe Stacey in Hendersonville, Tennessee, and let him know just that.

Joe Stacey in Hendersonville, Tennessee, is selling a custom-made Dale Earnhardt No. 3 casket for $2,000. It seems reasonably priced to me. It sure would brighten up the mood at your funeral as well.

Stacey is adamant that his prices are reasonably priced, too, as he says, “During situations where a money pooling, fundraising, or Gofundme page are set up, saving money is especially important. We not only sell custom caskets and urns, but we also sell non-custom. These are the same caskets from the same manufacturers as the funeral homes sell but for about 50% less.”

If you’re not a Dale Earnhardt fan, you can get an Atlanta Braves casket or a Tennessee Titans casket. Perhaps you’re a big Smokey and The Bandit fan. You can get one of those too.

Dale Earnhardt’s Fateful Ending

Unfortunately, Dale Earnhardt isn’t around to see his fandom still flourish. Earnhardt was killed instantly when his car crashed into a retaining wall after making contact with drivers Sterling Marlin and Ken Schrader.

His death changed some of the ways that NASCAR handled safety. There is now a new set of mandates such as the head-and-neck restraints. His death also led SAFER barriers, seat-belt regulations, the roof-hatch escape exit, and the invention of the Car of Tomorrow – a car that has since prevented major deaths on the track.

World War II Veteran’s Final Casket Wish

A 94-year-old Veteran requested something special on his casket for his day. Suttie Economy got just what he asked for – a Juicy Fruit painted casket. He wanted his casket to look just like a pack of Juicy Fruit gum.

Over the course of Economy’s life, he became known as the Juicy Fruit man. He would hand out packages of his sweet treat to friends and family. He didn’t hesitate when picking out his casket plans. Sammy Oakey of Oakey’s Funeral Service and Crematory in Virginia was in full support. He shares, “Update on the story about the WWII veteran who wants his casket to be painted up like a pack of Juicy Fruit when he dies: a delivery truck just unloaded boxes containing 250 packs of Juicy Fruit gum for the family. And the vet is doing better!”

It was a fight at first as Mars Candy originally denied the request. No reason was given. Eventually, they came around.